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Magic Truffle trip level

Every trip is different with magic truffles. Sometimes a truffle is more intense than the other. The difference depends on with the type of truffle you choose and the amount you consume. To indicate how deep you are tripping, there are several trip levels that you can reach.

We have divided the range from a mild trip to a heavy trip into levels from 1 to 5. A mild trip starts at level 1 and a level 5 trip is a heavy trip.

Trip level 1

  • You feel completely relaxed. Nice and high. You are cheerful, sociable, more social and you feel good. Colors and sounds are more intense. You have a mild trip that may give some visual effects.

Trip level 2

  • New ideas, creativity and your focus will increase. Also a level higher on the experience of colors and sounds. Your senses will be affected. The visual effects are greater and even with eyes closed you can see patterns in several dimensions. Objects around you can start to move a little.

Trip level 3

  • Do you see three-dimensional patterns with your eyes closed? Then you are on trip level 3. The visual effects come at you undulating, one moment more intense than the next. The effect of time disappears and light hallucinations can occur.

Trip level 4

  • The world around you is deformed and your senses become one. You may be able to see sounds. An out of body experience can occur on level 4. While tripping you lose sight of reality and time seems no longer to play a role. In any case you have intense hallucinations at this level.

Trip level 5

  • You feel enlightened. Everything around you melts together. Not only with each other but also with yourself. Your ego disappears like snow in the sun and the world doesn't function like you are used to. Everything is one. Communicating becomes more challenging and you lose contact with reality.