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The Tolerance Policy and The Future

The tolerance system that we know today, emerged from the hippie times and the struggle for freedom. The so-called tolerance policy was introduced in 1976.  This policy was unique and the first in the world. The whole world declared us crazy. That's not more the case,isn't?!  There are other countries that now have a much better system. Such as: - Canada- USA (Largely / most of the States) - Uruguay - and soon also Luxembourg.

There are many other countries where Cannabis is also tolerated or admitted and preparations are being made for legalization. Seems like allot of countries are progressing towards legaliztion of cannabis except the Netherlands.  After 44 years of tolerance policy the Dutch government is still not convinced to legalize cannabis. First they want to experiment with the so-called "weed test". But haven't we been experimenting for 43 years long? Back then we were ahead, we were first, we dared things and we showed the rest of the world how things should and could be better. Nowadays Canada walks past us with a smile, soon America / USA and Luxembourg would also follow in a considerable time.

The Netherlands must seize its opportunities while it is still possible. The Netherlands could become a formidable, even dreaded competitor of Canada, USA and even Luxembourg on the cannabis market. Many Dutch companies and investments are already being made in those countries, simply because it is possible and allowed. The Dutch government makes a mistake and mis out on, all the extra job options, the extra taxes  from lamp manufacturers, but also energy suppliers to science and even logistics, ICT, E-Commerce and many other industries and companies that could benefit the Dutch society.  We could be a top player in his entire trillion mega industry ... Our country is strong in many sectors and industries and this is just the sectors that the cannabis market desperately needs:

  • Agriculture
  • Logistics / Transport & Trade
  • Automation & ICT
  • Science, Technology and Innovation
  • Water & Energy
Of course we already have a large existing gray cannabis market with an unprecedented number of Growers and their experiences, a large number of Coffeeshops, numerous Seeds suppliers. , a huge collection of genetics that is currently the largest collection in the world. We have had a gray market for almost 50 years. Tolerance policy and therefore also extensive tolerance experience. We have everything that the other countries do not yet have or have to search for and build up. Here in the Netherlands, all we have to do is change course and we have a hugely lucrative business.

Wake up government and give us the aproval to expand the cannabis market on our own Dutch soil. It will benfit the Dutch people and the wallet of the government. We would like to say to the government: If we wait too long, the chances are gone, and we miss a golden opportunity to put the Netherlands back in the major league. If we don't pull the cannabis market to us in one to two years, then consider us already the big losers ... No more experiments, please, we have been doing this for almost 50 years, this costs more than enough money, Lets start 'making money instead of spending it. The Hague seize those golden opportunities!