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Growing Cannabis And The Law

First, let's clarify the law about Cannabis in the Netherlands and how to grow it. Cultivating Cannabis or "Growing" as this is also called is not (yet) legal. In the Netherlands we make a distinction between hard and soft drugs. Hard drugs are strictly prohibited and Soft drugs are tolerated. Contrary to what most think, everything related to Cannabis in the Netherlands is llegal. Hey? Illegal? Here? Yes this is correct, because cannabis is "tolerated", or popularly "overlooked". However, there are some strict and sometimes 'vague' conditions involved, namely:

  • The person concerned must be 18+ and therefore adult.
  • Not violate the "Growshop Law". This means that it is not about commercial cultivation or large-scale production. Anyone who participates in large-scale cannabis cultivation is a criminal offense. Only (participating in) hobby prived cultivation is allowed.
  • The maximum of 5 plants must not be exceeded at all times. - It is extremely intended for personal use.
  • No professional equipment available is. This is rather vague (in law), however, this means that a maximum of 2 tools may be used. Tools include eg grow lights, but also food, soil or substrate etc.
  • There should be no more than 5 grams per person. Sales outlets known as ''coffeeshops'' can therefore sell a maximum of 5 grams per person per day.
  • Coffee shops can store a maximum of 500 gr stock in the building.
  • NOTE: Cannabis is in not legal in the Netherlands, in fact it is illegal, but therefore tolerated. If you do not follow the "tolerance policy", they can confiscate your cannabis, however if you renounce it and abide by the above rules, there are (usually) no legal consequences.
In practice this sometimes works differently, for example landlords throw their tenants who grow cannabis out on the street and are, unfortunately, in their right. Taxes can also come with claims and fines if they suspect you have sold Cannabis.

The Cannabis Growing Equipment

First of all, anyone can Growing cannabis, you really don't need superman skills. Water the plant and place it under the sun and let it grow. Do it as you think it is right, but is there no right or wrong? Yes there is a bit, but do not forget that the name weed says it all. Yes, Cannabis is a real weed and even related to the well-known nettle, which is its nephew. This means that with Cannabis a lot is possible and there are several ways that all work. The most important thing for a successful cultivation is to start with good quality seeds, having (cultivation) love and patience, using good soil / substrate, the right amount of watering and nutrients / nutrients and especially also understanding the Cannabis plant, because she really communicates with you. Let's start at the beginning.

+ You want to grow Cannabis and then? Where do you start? What do you do first?

  • Gaining knowledge and information
  • Seed choice and the germinate
  • Water
  • Culture medium: Soil and / or Substrate
  • Open soil or pot
  • Nutrients / Nutrients
  • Light

Grow report

In the previous blog "Cannabis Outdoor Grow Report" you will see how I (Mike) started growing cannabis plants outdoor. In this blog i will explain in steps how to germinate and cultivate cannabis seeds. To make the cannabis plants or cuttings stronger, it is beneficial to use a root stimulator. But when do you do this and what is the dose? You will find this kind of infromation in this blog about growing outdoor cannabis.

Below you can see the cannabis seeds that play the main role in the blog outdoor growing report:

  1. Monster Zkittlez 2x
  2. Critical (RQS Seeds) 1x
  3. Early Skunk (Sensi Seeds) 1x
  4. Hollands Hope (Dutch Passion) 1x
  5. Skunk Automatic (Sensi Seeds) 2x
Are you interested in how I approach this? click here: Outdoor Cannabis Breeding Report