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Growing Mushrooms

Dear readers, after writing my previous blog about my cannabis cultivation, the time has come to write a second grow report. This grow report is not about cannabis, but about cultivating/ breeding mushrooms also called (Magic) mushrooms. You can read my Cannabis Report here: Cannabis Breeding Report. But what are magic mushrooms anyway? Literally translated, they are just mushrooms. However, when we are talking about "paddo's", it is often the ones that give you a good trip. Magic mushrooms are mind-altering and hallucinogenic agents. Unfortunately, the sale of freshly harvested mushrooms is no longer allowed in the Netherlands, Fresh Truffles, family of the Mushroom (species) may be sold. You can still grow mushrooms at home! That is why you can still enjoy a delicious Mushroom trip. Growing magic mushrooms is quite easy, and I'm going to explain how to do it in this blog. First of all, it is easiest to start with an All-in-one Growkit / Breedingset

Different Mushroom / Mushroom Types

There are countless psychedelic magic mushroom varieties on our planet. These different kinds of mushrooms grow in the nature and have developed for millions of years spreading all over the world. Where cannabis and most plants do this with seeds, magic mushrooms do this with "spores". Experienced Magic mushroom growers also work with these spores to develop new grow kits. Spores are single-celled bodies with which the Magic Mushroom reproduces itself. These spores fall out of the Mushroom's hat creating a new generation of magic mushrooms. These spores transform into mycelium, from which new magic mushrooms grow.

Interested in growing Magic Mushroom with Spores? Click here: Spores magic mushrooms. There are approximately 144 different types of Magic Mushrooms that contain psilocybin, psilocybin converts in the body into psilocin and this psychoactive substance  is responsable for hallucinations and all the other tripping effects. Magic Mushrooms (Magic Mushrooms) have been used by humanity for (ten) thousands of years, including in religious ceremonies. Unfortunately, in many countries, like the other natural product, magic mushrooms are illegal. In nature you will find many different varieties of Magic Mushrooms, in Mexico you will find 53 types of Magic Mushrooms and in the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean you will find another 50 different types of Magic Mushrooms. In North America 22, in Europe 16, and Oceania 19, Asia 15 and 4 in Africa. The best Magic Mushrooms from all over the world can be ordered directly from us and delivered to your door as discreetly as possible! The best Mushrooms from our range can be found here: Top 10 Psilocybin Mushrooms or Truffles 

All-in-one Growkit:

Have you never grown magic mushrooms but are curious to know what the effect of a magic mushroom can do to you? Then choose the All in one Growkit! These Magic Mushroom Growkits are super easy and simple to set up! A real grow kit for the novice mushroom user grower. We have a wide range of different types of magic mushrooms, each with different effects, such as:

All-in-one Growkits contain everything you need to grow magic mushrooms in a very simple way. My first Magic Mushroom cultivation is also done with one of these Growkits. We have another blog where you will also find a lot of information: Growing your own mushroom growkit. I have decided to start the Golden Teacher magic mushrooms for my first Magic Mushroom cultivation (and trip experience). This species is described as "the perfect magic mushroom to start with, when the world of magic mushrooms is completely new to you". This magic mushroom is easy to grow. Nothing can really go wrong. They are also excellent for a first trip. A beautiful dimensional trip is waiting for you. The Golden Teacher magic mushroom has gold hats and the Latin name for the Golden Teacher is Psilocyne Aurumescens. This magic mushroom provides a dimensional trip that really takes you into higher spheres. It opens the door to a spiritual journey that will provide you with a lot of wisdom and fun, so really a beautiful magic mushroom for both novice users and novice Magic Mushroom Growers. This Magic Mushroom Growkit I started with: Golden Teacher.

The Growkit basically comes complete with:
  • Psilocyne Aurumescens 250, 1200 or 2100 cc
  • Growkit 
  • Growing instructions
  • Growbag (Paperclips)
Furthermore, you hardly need anything else, namely a pair of sterile gloves for when you come into contact with the magic mushrooms and a mouth cap to shield your breath from the magic mushrooms, because magic mushrooms are very sensitive to bacteria and fungus. Always keep your mask and gloves on when you are working with the Magic mushrooms. You only need a plant sprayer and scalpel (or a sharp and sterile) knife. If it is cold in your area you could use a heating mat. Buy all these supplies together in one kit here: Magic Mushroom Starter Kit

After ordering everything, the growkit arrived quickly and after receiving it, I stored the Magic Mushroom Kit in the fridge.(You can store the magic mushroom kit for a while or let it cool down before setting up). The Magic mushroom breeding set contains everything you need to start for growing your own magic mushrooms. The next day I immediately started. Very important to wash your hands before taking the steps. First i cleaned the growkit and then I carefully took off the lid and kept it for later use, then I made several rows with a fork divided over the top layer (about 6 to 8 rows holes are enough). I poured lukewarm water into the growkit until it is full and put the lid back on. I left it soak for a hour. After this hour I opened the growkit and carefully pour out all the excess water. Then I filled the growbag follwing the intructions on the website with 500ml lukewarm warm water, I carefully placed the growkit (with the lid off) in the growbag that contains the lukewarm warm water. This is for high humidity, because mushrooms love this very much. 

You must keep the growbag closed until you see the first mushrooms(pre-pins) grow. Then you place the growbag with growkit in a place that does not receive direct sunlight but does receive light. The ideal temperature for this room is 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. Mushrooms grow after 2-3 weeks. I started on Thursday May 21 and on June 1 I saw the first Magic Mushrooms emerging. When the first magic mushrooms surface fresh air is important.  From this day open your growbag once a day and keep the inside of the growbag moist, use a plant sprayer but only spray on the inside of the growbag walls and never on the magic mushrooms themselves. 1 or 2 pumps/ spray are enough per day. Do this always with your gloves and your mouth mask on, just like I do. Mushrooms are very sensitive to bacteria and fungi.