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The ultimate magic mushroom grow Kit Guide

The sale of magic mushrooms is no longer allowed in Netherlands. What a pity. But growing mushrooms private at home is still allowed in the Netherlands.

Don't worry, shrooms grow childishly easy.  Make no mistake either, from a grow Kit you can get more than one harvest. This allows you several times tripping on one magic mushroom grow Kit. Do the math and see how cheap your magic mushroom eventually are.

In this ultimate magic mushroom grow Kit Guide we will address all information about growing shrooms. At the end of reading this guide you will know exactly how to treat your grow kit and get the maximal results.

What is a mushroom grow Kit?

A grow kit is a seed tray that is ideal envoirment for the magic mushrooms spores to grow on. The grow Kit is the only way to still enjoy your  magic mushrooms in the Netherlands. The sale of magic mushrooms it self is no longer legal in Netherlands.

You start with traces (mycelium) which by your care is going to develop into mushrooms.

What`s a grow Kit?

If you want to trip on magic mushrooms than you buy a grow Kit. This is completely legal in the Netherlands.

When the magic mushrooms were extracted off the shelves by the prohibition on sales in 2008, the magic truffles and the magic mushrooms grow kits found their way into the smart shops of Netherlands. This is a logical alternative way to the purchase of mushrooms.

The magic mushroom grow Kit, also known as the magic mushroom grow kit, you buy nowadays simple from the bank at online smart shops. A smartshop as provides high-quality mushroom grow kits just to enjoy private at your home.

You simply order them online and within a few day you have your grow Kit in the House. We deliver them throughout Europe in the countries where it is allowed.  In Netherlands we provide in all villages and cities like Alkmaar, Amsterdam, the Hague, Eindhoven, Groningen, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

But how do you choose the right magic mushroom grow Kit?

Types of magic mushrooms grow kits Choose the right Kit starts with choosing the right smart shop. At we work with grow kit of the highest quality. That means they are compiled in a sterile environment and we work with a small stock. We do this to avoid getting grow kits that dried out by a long retention period.

We currently offer 10 different types of magic mushrooms grow kits in our online smartshop. All these magic mushrooms grow kits are all-in-one-grow kits. Everything you need to start growing your shrooms in an easy way.

Types of magic mushrooms grow kits:

Mckennaii Shrooms

The grow kit for McKennaii shrooms are the stronger magic mushrooms in our smart shop. The effect of these magic mushrooms is very visual and stimulates creativity and laughter kicks. It gives you a happy feeling. A philosophical trip with Visual effects you can expect from this mushroom.

It is said that this mushroom is stronger than the well-known Hawaiian magic mushrooms. And thus only suitable for very experienced users.

The McKennaii mushroom grows very fast and in different forms. Interesting and fun as a grower to see. Don't worry if the mushrooms during growth will mingle together. This is more common in the McKennaii and does not affect the growth. The McKennaii normally has nice big hats in comparison with other mushrooms.

Ecuadorian shrooms

The Ecuadorian mushrooms come as the name sounds from Ecuador. They grow in the Andes mountains wich offers you as a grower benefits. The temperature in the Andes may vary. These changes of climate makes the shroom strong to handle temperature fluctuations

However, if you want to get the most out of the Ecuadorian grow Kit. It's better to maintane the optimal temperature.

An Ecuadorian mushroom trip is average to strong on the Visual level. You can feel a huge flow of thoughts. It feels like traveling through dimensions.

The Ecuadorian mushrooms are very similar to the Colombian mushrooms in terms of strength. These mushrooms are suitable for average users. That means you must have somewhat experience with magic mushroom trips before you use this magic mushrooms.

B + magic mushrooms

Growing B + magic mushrooms is fun. They can namely grow up to 30 cm high. That is, of course, very cool to see. Another reason why the B + magic mushroom grow Kit is very popular with users is, that they have a much smaller chance to be sick at the beginning of the trip. Its importante to start your trip on a empty stomach this wil reduce the change of getting a bit stomach sick.

Growing the B + magic mushrooms is also pretty easy. You can not go wrong, what makes this a magic mushroom unique is that its well suited for the novice grower.

The trip of this mushroom is less Visual than other magic mushrooms but makes you very euphoric. Positivity and happiness is central to the B + magic mushrooms.


Mexican magic mushrooms

The Mexican magic mushrooms are probably the most famous magic mushrooms in Netherlands. This is the first mushroom psilocybe cubensis mushroom that was registrated as the first magic mushroom in the Netherlands.

These mushrooms are very suitable for novice mushroom users. The trip that you are experiencing is very energetic and agree you very cheerful. There are people which after the consumption of Mexican magic mushrooms are walking around for hours with a big smile on their face. Laugh kicks so insured.


Mazatapec magic mushrooms

Mazapatec magic mushrooms are also known under the abbreviation Maz. This is also a Mexican magic mushroom wich was discovered near Mazatapec.

This mushroom is very easy to grow. A difference with other magic mushrooms is that this mushroom caps are partially closed.

The trip by Mazatapec magic mushrooms are very spiritual. They also give a strong visual trip. Strange that this mushroom is les known. The spiritual and Visual journey that you experience during your trip is very special.


Cambodian Shrooms

Are you new to the world of growing mushrooms ? Then the Cambodian grow Kit is a perfect match for you. These mushrooms are very easy to grow. You can actually do very little error. Guaranteed to be a beautiful harvest.

This magic mushrooms were first discovered in Cambodia at Angkor Wat temples. These are the largest temples of the world, a must to visit. But you don't have to travel to Cambodia now no more of these magic mushrooms. With our magic mushroom grow Kit you can grow them yourself at home. You still get a pinch of Cambodia in house.

The magic mushroom grow Kit for magic mushrooms from Cambodia grows generally a bit slower than other breeding sets but give bigger harvests. Patience is rewarded.

There are magic mushrooms that give a tougher trip. The Cambodian mushroom is also suitable for less experienced users because the trip is less intense and because it's easy to grow. Less intense trip depends of course on the amount you use.


Golden Teacher shrooms

The perfect mushroom to start with, if you are stepping for the first time into the world of magic mushrooms. This mushroom is very easy to grow. Actually nothing can go wrong. They are also excellent for a first trip. A beautiful dimensional trip is waiting for you.

The Golden Teacher mushroom has gold-coloured hats and derives its name from it. Another name for the Golden Teacher is Psilocyne Aurumescens. Other than that this mushroom makes for a dimensional trip brings you really in higher realms. It opens the door to a spiritual journey you will provide much wisdom.

Really a nice mushroom for the beginner.


Thai magic mushrooms

Do you want a real party-magic mushroom? Simply choose the Thai magic mushrooms. These are also sometimes called the Koh Samui. To the island where they were first discovered. This mushroom is also known in Thailand as the Mushroom Cloud.

During the famous full moon parties on Koh Phangan (island) milkshakes with magic mushrooms are made for the ultimate experience. These milkshakes are very popular and with a good reason. A real party-magic mushroom.

They give you a lot of energy and provide a warm, relaxed and social character. Really a great mushroom. In terms of strength is the Thai magic mushroom similar to the Mexican magic mushrooms.

Growing the Thai magic mushrooms is simple. They grow quickly and are not so tall. The color of the cap of the mushroom is orange red. The hats are round and the edge is getting wider as they mature. They give you a large yield.

The ideal temperature for the Thai magic mushrooms during the cultivation process is 24 degrees. The mushrooms does not gow realy in hight but in more thickness. The thai grow Kit is a beautiful magic mushrooms to start with. They are not susceptible to bacteria.


Colombian shrooms

The Pablo Escobar among the magic mushrooms? With the Colombian shrooms grow Kit you can grow your own magic mushrooms in each case. The Colombian mushroom is also called Colombiescens.

This mushroom is stronger than the Mexican or Thai magic mushroom. He brings you into higher atmospheres and makes the 6 hour trip intense. Nice colors, laugh kicks and a stronger Visual trip than the Mexican and Thai magic mushrooms. 

Growing Colombian shrooms take a little longer than other types of magic mushrooms but that should. The trip is violently and this has been popular in many a smart shop.

The Colombian mushroom is not suitable for the novice user. After some experience with other magic mushrooms you can feel free to enjoy the Colombian mushrooms.


Albino magic mushrooms

Albinos are the white gold under the magic mushrooms. This pale, white color is the reason why we call this the Albino magic mushrooms. Unlike other magic mushrooms the Albino lacks pigment and that explains the whitish color. Actually, it's more cream anyway.

In terms of strength is the Albino magic mushrooms between the Mexican and Ecuadorian mushrooms in. He makes you see beautiful colors and is average in its visual power.

The Albino magic mushroom grow kit must grow in the dark and not in the light as other magic mushrooms. That is why we do not, however, mean complete darkness with it but certainly no direct light.

Growing the Albino magic mushroom is more challenging than other magic mushrooms. This mushroom is more vulnerable. Not only the light plays a big role in growing this mushroom but also the temperature and moisture content should be thick in order for optimal growth. The ideal temperaturefor the Albino magic mushroom grow Kit is 22 degrees. Certainly not a magic mushroom for the novice breeder.


Best Magic mushroom grow Kit

As you see it is not just to say what the best Magic mushroom grow kit . It mainly depends on you. What is your experience with growing shrooms and what is your experience with tripping on magic mushrooms?

Next to your experiences, the willingness is also a factor. You have the sense, time and energy to to grow a more difficult magic mushrooms?

The magic mushrooms grow kits are placed into three categories.


As a beginner you do not choose for a violent and intense trip. It is wiser to build this incrementally. The reason for this is that your careful must feel what works for you and does not work. In addition, you want to build any consciousness during the trip. Especially because the trip is only temporary and ends after a number of hours.

For beginners we recommend one of the following four magic mushrooms:

  • Mexican magic mushrooms
  • Thai magic mushrooms
  • Cambodian shrooms
  • Golden Teacher shrooms

In our view, it is best to start with the Mexican and then move on to the Thai. After the Cambodian and finally the Golden Teacher mushroom. After these trips you are ready for the next step; Welcome to the average users.


Average users

Do you already have a number of trips behind the back with Mexican, Cambodian or Golden Teacher shrooms? Then it could be that you feel that you are ready for a more intense trip. Do not buy directly the strongest magic mushrooms but for buy a logical intermediary step.

For average users, we recommend the following magic mushrooms:

  • B + magic mushrooms
  • Mazatapec shrooms
  • Colombian shrooms
  • Albino magic mushrooms


Experienced users

Do u have you have much experience with magic mushrooms? Then can you describe yourself as an experienced user. It could be that youre completely satisfied on the trips you make but sometimes you want to step it up , go to the next level, get higher. Simply choose a stronger mushroom.

For experienced users we recommend the following magic mushrooms:

  • Ecuadorian shrooms
  • Mckennaii shrooms

Please bear in mind, that the amount of shrooms you take affect the strength of your trip. Therefore, make sure that you always use a good scale to weigh your shoorms before youre going to consume magic mushrooms.


What type of magic mushroom grower are you?

Where we previously looked at the strength of the magic mushroom as the user, there are also substantial differences to discover in growing the mushrooms. One magic mushrooms grow simply easier than the other.

That means that some mushrooms are more suitable to start with growing if this world is new to you. With most all-in-one kits you can do little error as a grower but nevertheless, there is still discrimination.

The results are also different. One mushroom is growing faster than the other, useful for impatient growers. Other shrooms grow many times higher/taller and that's nice when you love growing big magic mushrooms.

That's why we distinguish two categories; novice and experienced growers.

You want to grow a grow Kit for the first time? Here are the following magic mushrooms for you:

  • Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodian Psilocybe
  • Psilocybe Cubensis  Cubensis B +
  • Psilocybe Cubensis Thai
  • Psilocybe Cubensis Ecuador
  • Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher
  • Psilocybe Cubensis Mazatapec
  • Psilocybe Cubensis McKennaii
  • Psilocybe Cubensis Mexican

Through our eyes the Cambodian is the easiest of all to grow and packs a great harvest .

If you have grown a whole warehouses full of magic mushrooms , then you're ready for the challenging work. The magic mushrooms for experienced mushroom growers:

  • Psilocybe Cubensis Colombian
  • Psilocybe Cubensis Albino

Magic mushroom trip levels

When you use magic mushrooms then you go tripping. One trip is better than the other and to indicate the difference between these trips a scale of 1 to 5 rating has been provided.

This is trip level 1 a mild trip and trip level 5 is a heavy trip.

Trip level 1

The level of your trip is mild, this means:  your trip has slightly impact marks of the mushrooms. That means you see brighter colors and music more intense. You feel a bit high and notes minimal visual effects.


Trip level 2

You feel some more of the trip. Your creativity increases but also the colors are brighter and the music is not only more intense but felt it in your body. On Visual field you see some more. Moving images and also a closed eyes visuals. With closed eyes you'll see patterns. You have an extreme focus.

Trip level 3

On trip level 3 you live in the now. That means you have lost all sense of time, a minute can take half an hour. Visually, the impact is a lot bigger. Everything is distorted and looks different than normal. Also mild hallucinations occur on trip level 3.

Trip level 4

When furniture not only deform but also fade into each another or even want to start a conversation with you then you know you're on trip level 4. Strong hallucinations belong to this level. Even an out of body experience is possible at this level. Perception of the ego fades and any loss of the sense of realism.

Trip level 5

At this level you will experience that the world as we know no longer exists. You melt together with your environment to a single whole. The ego totally disappears. Logic disappears and express yourself in the ordinary sense, such talk, is quite hard to achieve. Also all the senses go behave differently than you are used to. You are really in a totally different dimension.

Buying magic mushrooms legal?

Buying and selling magic mushrooms is no longer legal in Netherlands. In 2008 magic mushrooms were on the banned list of the opium law. That means that sales of fresh and dried magic mushrooms is no longer allowed.

Smart shops stopped therefore with the sale of fresh/dried magic mushrooms. However, it is still possible to buy magic mushrooms. The sale of spores and mushroom grow kits is completely legal in the Netherlands.

All grow Kits are included with magic mushroom spores. That may sound difficult but using a grow kit to grow the spores is a piece of cake. With our all-in-one-grow kits you have everything it takes to grow high-quality mushrooms.

Cultivation of mushrooms comes in different levels. You can buy tracks/spores and from there you grow mushrooms. Or you can grow them in an easy way with a magic mushrooms all in one grow kits. Our all-in-one grow kits are all ' ready to grow '. You can immediately started growing your shrooms.

What does a grow kit includes?

In a grow Kit you will find all amenities for growing magic mushrooms of high quality. Magic mushrooms grow has never been so simple.

In a grow Kit you will find the following: Seed tray with live mycelium and a high-quality breeding ground. A growbag, is a transparent bag with an air filter and witht two paper clips.

In the cultivation container is a matrix consisting of rice flour, rye and vermiculite. This is the ideal breeding ground for the traces to create magic mushrooms for a great trip. The spores are already grown and progresses to a mycelium.

How to grow shrooms with a growkit?

To ensure a prosperous growth a warm environment and plenty of fluids is necessary for the magic mushrooms to grow.  The growbags helps you to create this ideal setting. The grow bags alone can do the job but is not sufficient.

You need a heated space. The temperature must be higher than most living rooms. Between 20 and 25 degrees is ideal, depending on the type of magic mushrooms that you grow.

You want to avoid getting transfer bacteria to your magic mushrooms. Therefore, make sure that you clean your hands properly before you get started with your growkit. This may affect the quality of your mushrooms

Once placed in the grow bag it's better not to get out often. This reduces the risk of infection. This also means harvest in one go, work in a clean room and always clean hands before you get started with your magic mushrooms.

Breath not in the bag. In your mouth shelter many bacteria that you don't want to have in your seed tray. A mouth mask can do wonders.

The temperature remains extremely important. Not for nothing is growing nowadays many fruit and vegetables in greenhouses. Therefore, make sure that you maintain the right temperature during the growth cycle persists. If you do not, there is a chance that your magic mushrooms will grow more slowly or not grow at all.

You can work with a thermometer and possibly purchase a heat mat.

If the temperature in your grow Kit is too high then you can see thick white wires from the ground up. Is your temperature is too low then it slows down your growth.

As I have said, moisture is very important for the growing of mushrooms. You want to avoid getting magic mushrooms to dry out. Therefore, do not set your mushroom grow kit direct in the sun. So you reduce the chances of dehydration.

Many grow kit you can mist once or twice daily on minimal level. This is done not on the mushrooms themselves because moisture can lead to mold and bacteria. The seed tray itself must remain free from water. Also, you should pay attention to the humidity level.

The humidity is good when the bag shows condensation.

When your humidity level is low then the hats of your magic mushrooms at some point burst. The shrooms are placed to near a bright lamp or in direct sunlight. Avoid this.

If the hats of the mushrooms are shiny, a too high humidity level is reach. On the stem you can see this shininess clearer. More hair growth than normally is noticeable.

When the level of the humidity is to high you can just open the grow bag. Always take care for a clean environment. With a too low humidity level you can search for another place to set your grow kit. You can also use a plant sprayer to mist the grow bags equally.

Oxygen plays an important role in the growth of the mushrooms. Most grow bags have an air filter. If his is not the case then it is important to open the grow bag twice a day to let fresh air in.

There is a small risk of infection but oxygen is essential.

It is possible that the magic mushrooms will grow on the side of a grow kit. This is not really a problem but these shrooms are difficult to remove during the harvest so it's a little bit of waste. Anyway let them grow as they grow and do not open the grow bag to remove. However, you can prevent this by wrapping aluminum foil around the seed tray.

Magic mushrooms grow towards the light and by avoiding light to shine on the side of the seed tray you can stop the mushrooms to grow in that direction.

It sounds logical but pick the mushrooms at the right time. As they get ready for consumption than it is time to pick them. If you wait longer before you pick them than this goes at the expense of the number of harvest that you can extract from a grow kit. You can see that you're late when the contents of the grow bags colors black.

This color change is because there isn't any more psilocybin being created, but traces. I f you harvest too late, it can/will affect the quality of the trip of your mushrooms. As you wait longer it will decrease the effect of the psychoactive substances.

All color changes have a reason. Blue often points out a bruise and that is without any risk. Other colors may indicate an undesirable mold or bacteria.

Don't worry if you see fur like substances on the bottom around the stem of your magic mushrooms. This fur like substance is quite normal in the growth of mushrooms. Look out for the presumption of undesirable mold, it's noticeable by a different smell.


Tips on growing shrooms

Want to grow shrooms as a pro?  Our tips can help you to get the most out of your grow Kit.

Only touch your seed tray when your hands are good disinfected. A clean workplace is essential. That also means that Windows and doors must be closed to prevent air that is contained with micro bacteria. Make sure that the temperature is at the right level. Use preferably a special thermostat to regulate the temperature. Do not place the Psilocybin Magic Shrooms grow kit in direct sunlight. Do not place the grow kit under a lamp or close to heat source such as a heater. Do absolutely not let the temperature rise above 35 degrees. Harvest the mushrooms at the right time.


The eight step plan for a magic mushroom grow Kit

Most grow kits we sell work the same way. For the best mushroom harvest use this ultimate mushroom growing plan.

  • It is important to remember that clean hands are essential for a good mushroom harvest. That is how you start every time when you come into contact with the grow Kit, with cleaning and disinfection of your hands. In this case, also make the outside of your grow kit clean with a wet and clean towel.
  • Remove the lid of the box. Make some holes in the top layer with a clean fork. That are 8 rows of holes that are regularly distributed over the grow Kit.
  • Fill the grow box with tepid water of 20 degrees up to the edge of the box. Place the lid back and leave it for an hour to soak.
  • After an hour, remove the lid and pour the water out in a prudent manner. Let the grow Kit drain 10 seconds after pouring out the water.
  • Next, add lukewarm water, of the 20 degrees, once again to the grow bag. The amount of water depends on the chosen grow Kit cc. Then insert the grow Kit in the grow bag. Please note that the water does not reach over the edge of the box.
  • Then connect the grow bag by folding the bag on the top. Use the two paperclips to attache. Set the grow Kit in a place where the right temperature is realized without making contact with direct sunlight or under a lamp. Also keep sufficient distance to heaters and other heat sources. The desired temperature is between 20 and 25 degrees(23 degrees is ideal).
  • Open the grow bags twice a day for fresh air and spray/mist the grow bag. Make sure you don't wet the magic mushrooms. Focus only on the grow bag.
  • In most cases after about three weeks the mushrooms are visible with the hat open. Harvesting the mushrooms must be done at the right time. The best moment is before the fleece/skin under the hats of the mushrooms starts to come loose. The first indication that your mushrooms are ready for harvest is when the caps of the mushrooms have opened.

Harvesting Magic Mushrooms

Harvesting your mushrooms, or rather picking mushrooms, is done in a special way. The reason that this technique of picking is important is because, it allows room for new mushrooms that can grow back. This means a new or extra harvest.

Harvesting your mushrooms is a special moment. You've taken care of it for weeks and now it's time. You've seen it grow from spores to full-fledged mushrooms. You're proud, there's no other way.

You know that the mushrooms are ready for harvest when the mushrooms have fully opened their hats, just before the fleece under the mushroom's hats starts to come loose.

Now it's not the case that all your mushrooms are ready for harvest at the same time. Still, you prefer to harvest everything in one go. Each time you harvest, the chance of contamination is greater. Try to harvest when 75% of your mushrooms are ready.

That means with open hats and before the spores fall. The falling of the spores doesn't go so fast that you have to start harvesting immediately with the first two suitable mushrooms. Take the maximum number of grams out of your mushroom grow kit and show patience when you start harvesting.

When you are going to pick your mushrooms you grab the stem carefully and turn the stem clockwise and counterclockwise. Then gently pull the mushroom up so that you can pull it out as completely as possible.

Of course you want a second, third and fourth harvest. And that is certainly possible.

Don't worry if the mushrooms or the mycelium turn bluish, purple or black after picking. These are bruises from picking and completely normal. In this case, the mycelium or the mushroom itself colors. In case of fungus, it is on the mushroom or the mycelium.


How do you ensure an extra harvest from your mushroom grow kit?

After harvesting your mushrooms, fill the kit with water and put the lid back on. Everything like starting with a first harvest. This time, however, you place the grow kit in the fridge for 12 hours.

After 12 hours remove the lid and drain the water. Drain again for 10 seconds. The mushroom grow kit is now ready for the next growth cycle. An extra harvest of mushrooms.

You can assume that your first harvest will take longer than the next flushes or flights. The difference is usually about 10 days.

When is the mushroom grow kit burned out?

You can get multiple harvests, or flushes as they are also called, from one mushroom kit. In many cases there are four harvests. However, in some cases there are only three or sometimes even five.

The way in which you treat your grow kit plays a major role in this. Therefore, follow the tips given earlier to get the maximum result.

But how do you know that your grow kit is finished? That no matter how long you wait, no new mushrooms will grow?

When you see that after three weeks there are no more mushrooms growing, you can assume that the mushroom grow kit is finished. An other indication is when the color of the mushroom grow kit changes.

A yellow, green, grey or red color indicates that the grow kit will no longer yield new mushrooms. The reason for the color change is that the mushroom kit is probably infected with another fungus or bacteria. The chance that this will happen is very small if you follow the rules of cultivation well.


How long does it take to grow mushrooms?

After two to three weeks you can already harvest the first mushrooms. Don't throw away the grow kit after harvesting your first mushrooms. You can continue to repeat the growing cycle until there are no more mushrooms growing. Usually 4 mushrooms can take harvests from one grow kit.


How many mushrooms do you take for a trip?

It is important to know how many mushrooms you take before a trip. Make sure that you always weigh your mushrooms before consumption. It is also important to know that there is a difference between fresh and dried mushrooms.

Fresh mushrooms contain a lot of water. Dried mushrooms are therefore much heavier than fresh mushrooms. This has to do with the loss of 90% of the weight when drying the mushrooms.

If you used 2 grams of dried mushrooms for a trip in the past, you can take 20 grams off fresh mushrooms.


In the past the following advice was given for a mushroom trip:

  • Use 1 gram of dried mushrooms for a mild trip.
  • Choose 2 grams of dried mushrooms for an intense trip
  • Use 3 to 4 grams of dried mushrooms for an intense trip.
  • 3 grams of dried mushrooms is only wise if you are an experienced user.


For fresh mushrooms the dosage is as follows:

  • Choose 5 - 10 grams of fresh mushrooms for a mild trip.
  • Use 20 grams of fresh mushrooms for an intense trip.
  • Choose 30 grams of fresh mushrooms for a heavy trip

As mentioned before, you only choose 30 grams if you have a lot of experience with tripping on magic truffles or magic mushrooms. Beginners are advised to start with 5 - 10 grams of fresh mushrooms or a maximum of 1 gram of dried mushrooms.


Drying your Mushrooms

When you harvest more mushrooms than you are going to consume, you want to keep your mushrooms. Fresh mushrooms can only be kept in a refrigerator for a few days, so drying mushrooms is a logical solution.

When you dry mushrooms you can keep them for months. The danger of drying mushrooms is the mold. If you don't dry them properly, then fungi can ruin your harvest and all the work has been done for nothing.

Dry the shrooms on a stove or near a fireplace and you can use them for months to come. 

Watch out, mold is the biggest risk. This can be caused by the presence of moisture. Mushrooms consist for a large part of water, for some species this percentage is as high as 90%. The risk is therefore high.

So don't wait to overcome this risk. After harvesting you therefore start the drying process almost immediately. This reduces the chance that molds will take their chance to ruin your harvest.

The first thing you do is put the mushrooms on a dry surface. This is done in such a way that the mushrooms do not touch each other. This can be in a tray or on a tray, depending on the size of your harvest. Before you place the mushrooms in the tray or on the tray, first put a double layer of kitchen paper underneath.

What you want to achieve is that the mushrooms are completely dry. Cork dry. The more moisture you can extract, the better. Sunlight can do no harm at all in this case. That's why you can decide to place the mushrooms on the window sill. If you have a greenhouse or conservatory at your disposal then this is an ideal place.


You can put a black towel over the mushrooms. This works because black it attracts heat.

Another possibility is to place it on a radiator or near another heat source. In any case, change the kitchen paper carefully every day.

At a certain point, the mushrooms will get not drier. Despite that, there is still moisture in your mushrooms. To extend the life of your mushrooms you can dry them further in a professional way.

Use silica gel for this. Silica gel is used in professional environments for similar reasons. It is a non-toxic product that does not damage your mushrooms. In addition, silica gel is easy to order online at various web shops. This makes it very suitable to dry your mushrooms.

Place the silica gel in a Tupperware container. Place a rack on top of it where you can place the mushrooms. This is done in such a way that the mushrooms do not touch the silica gel. Finally, close the Tupperware container in such a way that it is completely cut off from the air supply.

Check your mushrooms regularly to see if they are completely dry. Drying mushrooms should lead to a mushroom that is as dry as a cracker. Crispy and fragile are the moment you bend them. When you arrive at this point, your mushrooms are completely dry and thus fully and well dried.

In addition to silica gel, you can also achieve this result with the use of magnesium sulfate. This is magnesium salt of sulfuric acid. A name that sounds more familiar to your ears is bitter salt, Epsom salt or English salt.

As with silica gel, you place the bitter salt in the Tupperware container and prevent it from coming into contact with the mushrooms. This means that you also place a rack in the Tupperware container that separates the mushrooms from the bitter salt. Again, the airtight sealing of the container is essential.

Before you can use the bitter salt, however, you have to treat it. What you are going to do is bake the bitter salt in the oven at 250 degrees Celsius. This baking takes 2 hours. By baking the bitter salt you extract moisture from the bitter salt. As you may know, salt absorbs moisture quickly and easily. By extracting this now there is more room to absorb moisture. It is possible that lumps have formed during the baking of the bitter salt. Wipe them down and immediately place the bitter salt in the Tupperware container.

The sooner the bitter salt from the oven ends up in the Tupperware container, the better.

Saving/keeping your mushrooms is one last point of attention. To keep them in good condition for a long time, place the dried mushrooms in a dark, cool and dry place. This is done in a vacuum packed package. Vacuum packing of your mushrooms is quite simple these days. There is a whole range of vacuum machines for sale at various web shops. You can also think of a weckjar (a glass jarr used voor jam).


This way you can enjoy the harvest from your mushroom grow kit for a long time!