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The ultimate magic truffle guide

Magic truffles are great for a magical psychedelic trip. In the ultimate magic truffle guide you will read all about buying, choosing, using and growing magic truffles. After reading this guide you will know how to get the best trip and which magic truffles to buy.

The ultimate magic truffle guide consists of several chapters that answer all your questions about truffles.

What are magic truffles?

Magic truffles help you see the world through different eyes. They give you a trip, even if you only use a small amount. Unlike the name suggests, magic truffles are not really truffles at all.

Magic Truffles are psychotropic and hallucinogenic substances.

What is known as magic truffles are in fact underground growing mycelium thickening of psilocybe mushrooms. This is officially called sclerotia but magic truffles are also known as 'Philosopher's Stones'.


Where can I buy magic truffles?

Magic truffles can be ordered online at the online Mushroom shop Choose from the different types of magic truffles available and decide how many grams you want to order. These are sent fresh and vacuum packed so you can enjoy the ultimate trip.

Once you have received the magic truffles you can eat them immediately. They are ready to use and you don't have to prepare anything. Convenience serves mankind. It is wise to use a scale to determine the right dose for the ultimate trip.


[url xxx]

Because you can order magic truffles online, you can buy them no matter which city you are in. So whether you live in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven or Groningen, you can buy your magic truffles from us.

But not only that, we also sell magic truffles abroad. Magic truffles for Belgium? You can just order them from us. We deliver to dozens of countries in Europe. Besides Belgium we also deliver truffles to Germany, Spain, France, Poland and Denmark for example.



Difference mushrooms and magic truffles

In 2008 mushrooms were banned in the Netherlands. However, magic truffles do not fall under the laws and regulations. Fortunately, because of this, magic truffles have been on the rise in the Netherlands for years.

The effects of magic truffles are similar to those of magic mushrooms. That's why many smartshops had to take the magic mushrooms off the shelves and replace them with magic truffles.

The trip you get from magic truffles is the same as the trip from magic mushrooms. The reason for this is that they both contain the same amounts of psychoactive substances. Both truffles and magic mushrooms contain psilocybin, psilocin and baeocystin/norbaeocystin.

The only difference between magic mushrooms and magic truffles is their appearance. They look very different and one lives above the ground and the other under the ground.

An additional advantage of magic truffles is that they are consistent in the amount of psychoactive substances they contain. In the case of magic mushrooms, this can sometimes be different between the different harvests. This means that truffles can also be dosed much better.

As mentioned before, the sale of magic mushrooms is no longer allowed in the Netherlands. Yet you can still enjoy mushrooms. It is allowed to sell magic mushroom spores and magic mushroom grow kits.

This allows you to grow your own mushrooms. Difficult? No, that is very simple and gives much more satisfaction. Read all about it in our article: Growing your own mushroom growkit.


Are Magic Truffles legal?

Yes, magic truffles are completely legal in the Netherlands. In 2008 magic mushrooms were banned in the Netherlands but magic truffles are legal. This is because magic mushrooms and magic truffles are not the same. Truffles are not official mushrooms and therefore do not fall under the opium law.

Magic Truffles are a byproduct of magic mushrooms. They do not contain any demonstrably harmful substances and are therefore completely legal.

Truffles are not sensitive to addiction. This is because the effect cannot occur with daily use.

The cultivation of truffles is permitted in the Netherlands. As well as owning and using truffles. However, it is not allowed to dry truffles.

Magic truffles can be ordered online or bought in smartshops throughout the Netherlands.


How do magic truffles work?

Truffles contain psychoactive substances. These substances make your brain work in a different way. Reality changes and you see the world through different eyes. Space, time, environment, feelings and perception are experienced differently. This means that you will interpret colours and sounds differently, but you will also experience touching differently.

All this is because truffles contain psilocin and psilocybin. This is the reason why you experience a trip.

The trip you experience comes in wave movements. One moment is more intense than the next.


magic truffles types

There are different kinds of magic truffles. The effects of these truffles are different. Each type of truffle has a different effect and intensity, but also the amount you take in plays a role.

The best known are magic truffles:

  • Psilocybe tampanensis
  • Psilocybe mexicana
  • Psilocybe atlantis


Psilocybe Tampanensis

These are magic truffles that are ideal for beginners. If you have never used magic truffles before, this is the best choice for you. You can order these magic truffles online from us under the name Tampanensis

Psilocybe Mexicana

The Psilocybe Mexicana are strong in evoking light visual trips. Do you want to see bright colours and above all feel happy? Then this is the right choice for you. These magic truffles can be found on our website under the name Flesh of the God.

Psilocybe Galindoii

Want very strongest visual experience of magic truffles? Then choose Mush Rocks. These truffles are very intensive. You can order them from us under the name Mush Rock.

Psilocybe Tampelandia

The hit from our range. The Psilocybe Tampelandia is the most visual magic truffle. If you order these magic truffles, you will get ready for kaleidoscopic visions. We offer you these magic truffles under the name High Hawaiians.


Magic Truffles Atlantis 

Atlantis magic truffles are for the average user not recommend for beginner. They give an average trip but with strong visuals. Above all, it gives you a good and euphoric feeling. A real high. The taste of this truffle is very happy with it.The magic truffles called Atlantis are originally from America. In the state of Georgia to be exact.


Magic Truffles Dutch Dragon

For experienced trippers, the Dutch Dragon truffles can take you to the next level. These truffles give you a strong to very strong trip that has a long lasting effect. It has an intense and intense effect where colors come to life. Strong hallucinations occur regularly with the Dutch Dragon.

Psilocybe Pajateros

These very strong magic truffles are only suitable for experienced users. That's because they feel like Psilocybe Tampanensis with steroids on it. You feel bigger than the gods and can expect a very strong visual trip. We sell these truffles under the name Dragons Dynamite but are also known as Giant Truffles.

These magic truffles have their origin in Guatemala.

Storing magic truffles

You can keep fresh magic truffles for a month. It is best to store them in the fridge at a temperature between 4 and 6 degrees Celsius.

Dried truffles can be stored for 6 months. To do this, however, they must be packaged in a moisture-free, airtight manner. Vacuum packing. Even with dried truffles it is important that you keep them in a dark, cool and dry place, but do not put them in the refrigerator.


Fresh and dried truffles

There are two types of truffles. Fresh truffles and dried truffles. It is important to know the difference between the two because this says a lot about the strongest in terms of dosage.

Magic truffles consist for about 50% of water. When you dry them this weight decreases by 50%. So if you go for 10 grams of fresh truffles this is equal to 5 grams of dried truffles.

This means that 10 grams of dried truffles are twice as strong as 10 grams of fresh truffles.

Pay attention to this when choosing the right amount of Magic Truffles.


The effect of magic truffles

Magic truffles can have a very powerful effect. The music can sound better, the colors can be a lot more beautiful. But it can also be a lot more intense. Visions, spiritual experiences, hallucinations. It is all possible with magic truffles. It depends on the amount you take and what kind of truffles you take.

A trip of magic truffles takes between 4 and 6 hours. After eating 5 to 15 grams of magic truffles you will start to notice the first effects after about 45 minutes. This often starts with visual and auditory hallucinations in waves.

After 2 hours you will experience the peak of your trip. This means that at that moment you can also see things come to life. Think of gnomes from the garden that come to life, plants can get legs and start walking or the chair can float.

Magic truffles often have a hallucinating effect.


In wave movements, the effect of magic truffles comes in one moment more intensely than the next. You will notice that the effects of the trip vary during the trip.

Some trips give you the feeling that the music you are listening to really comes to life. You feel the music in every fibre of your body and the song you've known for years sounds much more intense than ever before.

Colors are bright and the red painting on the wall seems to have found a new dimension of redness. You feel happy, are exuberant, cozy and roll over the ground of laughter.

Next time you'll have a trip where you'll be more introspective. Thinking about life in ways you haven't done before. The magic truffles appeal to your philosophical thoughts, but when you want to pronounce them, you don't really get out of your words.

You are so absorbed in your thoughts that everything is clear, but communicating is not as fluent as usual.

So every trip is different, but in the end it all comes down to rejecting blockages and strengthening feelings that are already inside you. Everything becomes more intense. Sometimes this can even lead to hallucinations.

With magic truffles you experience everything around you more intensively. Your senses become more sensitive to all stimuli in the world. Colours, smells, sounds, feelings, but also yourself. That's because you relax completely with magic truffles.

When using magic truffles you often see that the user experiences a lot of laughing kicks.

In addition to the amount and type of truffle you take, there are other influences that determine how your trip goes. The effect is also determined by the environment and the mood of the user.

The mood of the user is important. When you're in a dip or when you're gloomy, the use of magic truffles can quickly lead to a bad trip. The environment can also have an impact. A quiet, safe and familiar environment is certainly recommended.

How often can I eat magic truffles?

Magic truffles have great effects but daily consumption is not possible. The reason for this is that the effect of the magic truffles will decrease. You will quickly build up a tolerance for psychedelic substances.

This reduces the effects of Magic Truffles. This means that on the second day you have to eat a lot more truffles to have an effect. On the third day it is practically impossible to have a noticeable effect.

When you leave the magic truffles for about 5 days, your body is ready for it again. When you take truffles again after day 5 you will see that you have a great experience as if you were taking psychedelic substances for the first time.


How many truffles should I take?

Are you taking magic truffles for the first time? Then it is advisable to start with 7 to 10 grams. An average user takes 10 to 15 grams of magic truffles for a trip.


Tips magic truffles

If you are going to use magic truffles we have the following tips for you.
  • When you start using magic truffles it is important that you take the time to use them.It is important to be aware that all feelings are temporary. Especially when you feel restless or anxious.
  • Therefore, make sure you do not dry out and drink enough water.
  • Make sure that a sober person is present during your trip. This can calm you down when you have a bad trip.
  • Drinking alcohol before or during your trip increases the chance of a bad trip and its dangerous.
  • Smoking a joint during your trip extends and strengthens your trip.
  • Don't take part in traffic during a trip, because you can't react as fast and you can't estimate the depth and distances.
  • The day after the trip you may experience fatigue.
  • Trip stopper 



  • Do you suffer from psychosis or schizophrenia? Do not use truffles.
  • If you feel anxious, if you suffer from stress or if you are depressed, do not use truffles until you feel comfortable again.
  • Do not use truffles when taking medication such as MAO-i, SSRI, etc.
  • If you are pregnant or under 18, do not use truffles.
  • Do not use truffles when breastfeeding.
  • Do not combine truffles with drugs or alcohol.
  • Do not use truffles when you have heart disease or epilepsy.

Use of magic truffles

Generally, magic truffles are eaten raw. However, there are also other ways to eat truffles. For example, you can make tea from truffles. When you make tea out of magic truffles it works faster. The effect is also more intense when you make tea of it. However, it is not possible to smoke truffles.


The amount of truffles you take is an important indicator of the intensity of your trip.

The amount of truffles we recommend for experienced users:

  • For a mild trip use 10 grams
  • For an intense trip 15 grams
  • For a heavy trip 25 grams

If you are a new user of magic truffles start with a lower dosage. Pay attention to what kind of truffles you choose. The use of 15 grams is only recommended for experienced users.

Pay attention, especially when you choose for heavier truffles.


The amount of truffles we recommend for beginners:

  • Use 5 grams for a mild trip
  • Use 10 grams for an intense trip
  • Use 15 grams for a heavy trip


Taste of magic truffles

Some describe the taste of magic truffles as walnut-like, but very often people find it simply dirty. There are plenty of examples that it is even an attack on the stomach and that this leads to vomiting.

That's why there are so many ways you can take magic truffles.

For example, tea is made from it regularly. The so-called truffle tea or magic tea. But you can also use it in a pudding or turn it into a magical peanut butter sandwich.

Actually you can do anything with it as long as you don't burn the truffles. So boiling water or in the pan or oven is not good for your trip. This is at the expense of the psychoactive substances.

For all this, and also for the better consumption of raw truffles, the use of a truffle grinder is really a godsend. This makes the somewhat hard truffles a kind of creamy paste. At least, it makes the truffles very small pieces in any case. This ensures that the psychoactive substances are released properly.


The smaller you make the magic truffles, and if you eat them raw, the better you chew, the more intense the trip will be. That's why the truffle grinder is very popular among magic truffle users.


Magic truffles and drug tests

When you have used the powers of magic truffles you can see this in your urine. This can remain visible in your urine for up to two days after use.


Why do you have to take magic truffles?

Taking Magic Truffles is above all a fun and positive experience that shows you the world in a different way. Much more intense than you are ever used to.


The positive effects of using magic truffles are:

  • Colors are more intense, brighter and more beautiful
  • Sounds are experienced deeper, more compelling and more intense.
  • Touches are more intense
  • Visual hallucinations
  • The world around you is distorted
  • Multiple laughing kicks
  • You're absorbed in thoughts, philosophical experiences...
  • Feelings you don't normally experience come to life
  • You relax feeling cheerful and energetic


Taking disadvantages of magic truffles

Although it is not common, some trips are also less positive. All this has to do with the mood of you as a user and the environment you are in. This must feel safe and familiar.


Possible negative effects of magic truffles:

  • Headache
  • Nauseous
  • Stomach and intestinal complaints
  • Restless
  • Dry mouth
  • Feeling cold or warm
  • Strengthening negative feelings
  • Less control over behavior and expressions of emotion

Therefore, only take magic truffles when you are comfortable in your skin and feel good. Magic Truffles strengthen the feelings you have. If they are negative, this will be more pronounced after the use of truffles.

A bad trip is annoying but almost never dangerous. The psychoactive substances are in any case not harmful. The behavior after taking truffles can be dangerous because you are less inhibited.

However, this is rarely the case. That's why we advise you to always have someone present in a sober state during your trip.

One thing you should not forget, the trip is always temporary in nature. So even a bad trip just goes away. The sober person can make you aware of this during your trip.

Bad trip

If you suffer from a bad trip, negative thoughts during your trip, you can do something about it. Yes, you are in a mind-altering situation but you still have the power to influence your own thoughts.

When you experience a bad trip you can convince yourself that the trip will end soon. The effect is only temporary and therefore nothing to worry about.

There are two things you can do at such a moment. You can embrace the feeling and investigate where this feeling comes from. The feelings you experience are more intense and are therefore within you. You are uninhibited and can go much deeper into yourself than you are used to. Perhaps because of this you can place these negative feelings much better and even solve them.

The other thing you can do is the same as in reality. Distracting. Television, music and other forms of distraction can help enormously. The trip comes over you in waves of ferocity, so you can use these waves to grab another good wave.

Smoking a joint during your trip

When you start smoking during your magic truffles trip, your trip can be extended. The trip can also get heavier.