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Brands - Cibdol



CBD produces high-quality CBD. Cibdol is a Swiss company. If you value quality and purity, then choose Cibdol! Cibdol are the pioneers of the CBD industry! Manufacture high quality CBD products in Swiss laboratories that adhere to strict quality protocols.
The high level of hygiene during the production from seed to CBD is remarkable at Cibdol!

Cibdol CBD range

Cibdol is a transparent environmentally conscious company . This company cares about nature and mankind and this is expressed by constantly coming up with innovative ideas to, for example, reduce CO2 emissions during the production process or by creating CBD ointments and creams that help with: psoriasis, eczema or acne. These are just a few examples how Cibdol CBD can help. We have got it al Cibdol products laid out for you in our 24High CBDshop.

Cibdol stands for CBD without pesticides

Cibdol only works with organic GMO-free hemp and with 100% natural resources. They do not use growth hormones, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers or other unnatural environmental pollutants. Of course, Cibdol also carefully tests their oils and extracts for the presence of various chemical substances, microbial substances and other possible harmful substances. Cibdol opt for consistency, pure and pure CBD of high Swiss laboratory quality! All Cibdol CBD products have been tested several times at different and independent laboratories and have passed the tests with excellent scores!