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Endoca CBD



Endoca are experts in the field of CBD. The Endoca team believes in natural medicines and how they were used years ago for medicinal purposes. Founder of Endoca has been traveling around the world for years in search of medicines from nature that have a healing effect. Today, the company has grown to 100 employes and owns 810 hectares of 100% organic hemp fields for its own CBD production! Many people suffer from ailments for which CBD can be the rescue. Endoca knows this and does everything to help these people by offering them a fantastic line of CBD products.


Endoca discovered CBD

When he ran into hemp, he found that many ailments could be treated with this beautiful plant. The Endoca team has been convinced that they can bring the human endocannabinoid system back into balance with CBD. After many years of research and testing in which way and form would be best to live up to this statement, they have brought a great CBD oil on the market with great success!


Organic CBD from Endoca

Endoca refined organic CBD oil of the highest quality, GMO & pesticide free. Endoca works with 100% organic hemp plants and soil and therefore not with genetically modified products made from unnatural chemicals. Endoca stands for pure nature and uses its CBD as a medicinal remedy!


Endoca Laboratories Test results

Endoca spends amounts spent on resources and controls to ensure the quality of their product. Maintain their contacts with experts in the field of hemp cultivation in order to adapt the latest decisions to their own production process. Endoca is willing to tackle, learn and research All products are tested for heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins in laboratories by third parties with great results, ISO and GMP certified!