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CBD Cosmetics

CBD Cosmetics

The use of CBD in cosmetics is not yet very well known by the general public, but CBD is on the rise. CBD cosmetics is also busy with a huge catch-up. More and more major brands today use CBD in their cosmetic products and that is not surprising because of their healing effect.


Why CBD cosmetics are so good for you

CBD is good for the human body. That is why more and more people use CBD oil. To give extra support to the outside of your body, CBD cosmetics can help you. For example, there are lip balms, skin creams and toothpastes that help your body stay in good health.

CBD lip balm

Many people use lip balms to keep your lips in good condition. CBD lip balms helps you to hydrate and protect your lips. The CBD lip balm works intensively and strengthens the protection of your lips. Just apply a thin layer of CBD lip balm on your lips several times a day to maintain soft lips.

CBD Skincare

Since CBD skin care products are full of cannabidiol, it helps your skin stay healthy. It fights free radicals and inflammation. The CBD hand creams are full of antioxidants. This way you can prevent skin aging with the use of CBD cosmetics, but also acne, skin rashes, flakes, eczema, psoriasis and itching.

Every CBD skin cream has its own composition. This composition ensures that it can relieve other skin problems. The power of CBD makes this one of the favorite skin care products.

CBD Toothpaste

The use of CBD in toothpaste may sound strange to many but it does not only exist, it is also carefully embraced by dentists. Fighting dental plaque, periodontitis, abscesses and toothache can benefit from the use of CBD toothpaste. The first studies show that bacteria disappear with the use of cannabidiol.

For whom are CBD cosmetics suitable?

The use of CBD in cosmetics is a possibility for every skin type. It helps with oily skin, dry skin and even healthy skin. It is precisely by applying the CBD directly to the skin that it can be absorbed well.

Where does CBD cosmetics come from?

The products such as CBD hand creams, CBD skin ointments, CBD lip balms and CBD toothpaste are all made according to European guidelines. This means that they are made from pure cannabidiol. The use of CBD extracts such as CBD oil and CBD paste is prohibited. The advantage of this is that it is more pleasant to use, because pure cannabidiol is free from odor and colorants.

The hemp used for the pure cannabidiol for CBD cosmetics is organically grown by the legal hemp industry in Europe. It therefore also meets the highest quality requirements and is suitable for sensitive skin, for example.

Why is CBD so suitable for the care of the human body?

The use of CBD is very positive for your skin, body and overall health. That is because the CBD products are full of antioxidants such as hemp seed oil full of unsaturated fatty acids. Consider omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids. These fatty acids are very healthy for you and help you to strengthen your skin immediately with CBD skin products and to prevent aging, for example.

And although many skincare products promise to help to keep your skin balance out, CBD skincare products are completely different. Cannabinoids have a power that is missing from other skin care products. With CBD hand creams you can restore the balance around the root. With this you not only tackle the problems on the surfaces but you go deeper to get your skin healthy back again.

How do you use CBD cream?

You use CBD creams, ointments and balms several times a day. In many cases, 2 to 3 times a day is sufficient. Use the CBD cream where your skin deserves attention. However, be careful not to apply the CBD cream directly to open wounds. This is not a good idea with any product, not even with CBD cream.

The same applies to CBD lip balms. Use it several times a day to keep your lips soft and hydrated. With the CBD toothpaste, maintaining your normal tooth-brushing behavior is sufficient. As usual, brush your teeth twice a day for a period of 2 minutes.

Buy CBD cosmetics

With the rise of CBD cosmetics you will find CBD products in many web shops and also in physical stores today. At the drugstore you will often find CBD skin products, CBD toothpaste and CBD lip balms. The easiest way is to buy your CBD products on the internet. At 24High, these are quickly delivered to your home in an anonymous box. Nobody needs to know that in our opinion you have ordered CBD products.