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CBD tea 

In the Netherlands so many people drink tea. After years of advance for green tea, it is now the CBD tea that is increasingly being served. CBD tea is known for its medicinal and soothing effect.

What is CBD tea?

We all know tea. CBD tea is actually exactly the same only made from other ingredients. The ingredient that makes the difference is cannabidiol. This ingredient, together with the antioxidants that it possesses, provides the healing effect of CBD tea.

What is cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, comes from the hemp plant. However, it is not the part that makes you stoned or high. Drinking CBD tea does not cause you to be intoxicated. The CBD tea gives you a calming and healing effect. This is because cannabidiol has healing powers.

Why use CBD tea?

With CBD tea you can combat various complaints. Feelings of stress, anxiety and pain can disappear by drinking the CBD tea. This makes you calmer and you can relax better. For example, it also works well for improving your sleep.

Combat complaints with CBD tea

Tea that makes you calm is naturally nice but CBD tea can do more than this. For example, CBD tea can also help to lower your blood sugar level. This can of course be useful for sugar patients.

CBD tea also affects the intestinal flora. It ensures a healthy balance between the bacteria in your intestines. This helps you get rid of a bloated feeling and helps you with bowel movements. But CBD tea can also help fight feelings of nausea.

The use of CBD tea

However, preparing CBD tea is different from normal tea, but believe it is completely worth it. Below the way to make CBD tea.

  • Place a pan with half a liter of water on it.

  • Once it boils, add two tablespoons of CBD tea.

  • Then place the lid on the pan and lower the heat.

  • After boiling for 15 minutes, remove the pan from the heat and strain the tea.

  • Add some coffee milk powder so that the cannabidiol does not stick when drinking the CBD tea.

  • After cooling, you can keep the CBD tea for a few days by placing it in the fridge.

Some of our products are packed in tea bags as you are used to with normal tea. You can hang the CBD tea bag in boiling hot water for 3 minutes. This leads to ensure that the cannabidiol is properly absorbed in the water. Then the CBD tea can be drunk.
If you want to make the tea a little sweeter, you can add some CBD honey to your tea.

Dosage of the CBD tea

Drinking CBD tea in moderation. It is not wise to take CBD tea all day long. It is of course just safe and an overdose is not possible but you can get a relaxed feeling. Of course you can use CBD tea for its relaxing effect. Therefore, start drinking the CBD tea in the evening. If you do this on a daily basis, you should certainly feel relief from the symptoms within a week. Do you not notice a difference? Then you can also start drinking a cup of CBD tea in the morning.

Who benefits from CBD tea?

Cannabidiol tea can actually help anyone. It contains antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body. It serves as a dietary supplement and not as a medicine. CBD tea can not replace existing medication. Also do not use CBD tea if you are breast-feeding or if you are pregnant. In addition, we advise not to give CBD tea to young children.

Where does CBD tea come from?

The origin of CBD tea is in the hemp plant. CBD tea is made from dried hemp leaves. Stems and seeds are not used for the production of CBD tea. All used hemp leaves come from certified and organic hemp farms that are set up purely for the purpose of producing CBD.

Buy CBD tea

Ordering CBD tea online is quick and easy at 24High. We offer various types of CBD tea that you can enjoy. This CBD tea is of the highest possible quality and organically prepared. You can buy CBD tea in stores like the drugstore but it is just as easy to order it online. We deliver your order discretely to your home. That way you have a wide selection of CBD tea that will be delivered to you quickly.