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Welcome to the 24high Magic Mushroom growkits & Truffles! Magic Truffles & Mushrooms are mind-altering and hallucinatory agents. The sale of freshly harvested mushrooms is no longer allowed in the Netherlands, but Fresh Truffles may be sold. But don't worry, growing mushrooms at home is still allowed! That is why you can still enjoy a trip on magic mushrooms. Growing mushrooms is child's play. When ordering a magic mushroom grow kit at 24High you are fully equipped and you can start growing. Don't feel like growing and waiting for you to harvest? Then try our fresh Magic Truffles that can be consumed immediately.



Magic mushrooms come in different varieties and are repudiated for its psychedelic & hallucinating effect. They contain substances (psilocybin) that are transformed into psilocine by the body. This substance is able to alter your consciousness and is responsible for the hallucinating effect. The active substance may vary widely per mushroom and by species. The most famous magic mushroom that occurs in the Netherlands in nature is the pointy baldhead. This is often spotted along the roadside or in the meadows. Of course, Team 24High always does n ot reccomend to start picking mushrooms in nature, as there are many other species of mushrooms that look a like but are not suitable for consumption because of the high poison content. Just keep it safe and order at 24High Mushrooms an All in one growkit! In a child-es easy way growing your mushrooms!

Available at our Mushrooms shop: Growkit Mushrooms


Magic Truffles (Sclerotium) is a product that some species of mushrooms create. Sclerotium contains the same substance psilocybin as mushrooms,. Psilocybin is broken down or converted by the body into psilocin, this substance is responsible for the psychoactive and hallucinating effects. A mycelium is a fungus under the ground with a wire-like network. From this mycelium the magic mushroom grows which is also the fruit of the mycelium. Some mushrooms in the mycelium create a kind of water and food storage for in dry times. This hardened, tuber-like mycelium contains the same substances as the mushroom, but in fact it is not a mushroom but a truffle-like tuber. Magical truffles like magic mushrooms are also able to change your consciousness or to open your mind. Magical truffles can be eaten immediately.

Available at our Mushrooms shop: Magic Truffles


Mushroom spores for the novice grower. It is now possible to grow your own mycelium in a simple way with a spore solution. Spores contains the mushroom culture. By means of a syringe you can directly inject the substrate (nutrient base) with the spore solution. With these spores ampoules you can grow large mushrooms more or less 30 centimeters in height.

Available at our Mushrooms shop: Mushrooms Spore


Magic truffles and magic mushrooms contain the substance psilocybin. This substance is partly responsible for the wonderful psychedelic effects that truffles or magic mushrooms give. Once the psilocybin and truffles / mushrooms have been eaten, the body enzyme starts to break down the psilocybin into the magical substance psilocin. Psilocybin and psilocin are tryptamines. Since the psilocin cell is very similar to serotonin, it is accepted by the serotonin receptors. Due to this equivalent chemical association it is thus possible for the psilocin cell to bind to these receptors. Serotonin affects your mood, emotions, sexual drive, sleep, self-confidence and appetite. After the psilocin cell has bound to the serotonin receptors, the effects will manifest themselves through halucinations, visions, mind-clearing, increase in problem-solving thinking, bright colors and contacts with divine and spirituality. With the use of magic truffles or magic mushrooms comes wisdom. Always take several smaller iplv files. all at once. This way you could avoid a bad trip and figure out exactly which dose works best for you.