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Spores Shrooms

Do you want to spray traces, buy spore ampoules or spore prints to grow your own mushrooms from spores? Then you are at the right place. You can find traces of psilocybe mushrooms here.


What are Mushroom spores?

Spores are unicellular bodies with which the mushroom can reproduce itself. These traces come from the hat of the mushroom and fall around the mushroom, so that new mushrooms can emerge. These tracks ensure that the mushroom starts a new cycle. Therefore, paddo spores are the way to create new mushrooms. Eventually, the spore mycelium and it grows again new mushrooms.

Forms of Mushroom spores

There are multiple forms of mushroom tracks with which you can start growing new mushrooms. Although traces are blowing in the wind, the chances are that mushroom spores will blow your grow kit in a very small way. That's why you can buy mushroom tracks from webshops like 24high.

You can buy mushroom spores in the form of mushroom spore syringes, mushroom spores and mushroom spores prints. You can also try to catch the traces of your magic mushrooms to grow a new cycle of magic mushrooms.

What is a spore syringe?

When you want to grow your own mushrooms you have several possibilities to start with. You can buy a ready-made mushroom growkit but you can also buy a spore syringe. With spore spraying you can apply the actual traces of the mushrooms in the cultivation bin. All our spore syringes are produced in a sterile environment. This is to ensure that these are of high quality.

What are spores ampoules?

Mushrooms can also be grown with Spore ampoules. These vials or ampoules are ideal for growing mushrooms. They are produced in a sterile environment and thus remain of high quality. This will also provide you with large quantities of mushrooms. The trace ampoules contain traces of fluid that stems from the collection of traces from the hats of Paddo's. It is often said that trace ampoules yield more magic mushrooms in breeding than spore syringes for magic mushrooms.

What is a spore print?

Want to get started growing your own mushrooms then you can choose to buy spore prints. With a spore print you get a collection of traces inside. With this spore print you can quickly start growing your own magic mushrooms. To ensure that all track prints are of the highest possible quality, they are created in a sterile environment. By preserving the track prints in a cold and dark environment, you can keep them for years before no magic mushrooms will grow.

How many magic Mushrooms do I get from a spore syringe?

All of our spore syringes contain 20ml of trace suspension. Here you can extract between 5 and 10 batches. Of course, the number of magic mushrooms that you extract from a spore depends on the way you grow. Anyway, our fresh mushroom spores take care of several batches of delicious mushrooms.

Are traces from Mushrooms legally for sale?

Buying traces from Paddo's is perfectly legal in the Netherlands. This while buying magic mushrooms is not legal. That's why at Smartshops today you can only buy mushroom grow kits and tracks from magic mushrooms. This is permitted under Dutch law. Most mushroom tracks are purchased online via Smartshop Webshops.

When do you buy traces(spores) of magic Mushrooms?

Growing mushrooms do many Dutch people. However, when you start growing mushrooms, you better opt for ready-made mushroom growkits. If you have some more experience then it is time to make the step to mushroom tracks. This requires a little more experience, but you can get more magic mushrooms. Therefore, spore spraying for magic mushrooms is very popular among mushroom growers.

Buying Mushroom spores online

Want to buy mushroom tracks then you do this best online. At online smartshops, high quality traces are stored properly in cool and dark conditions. This way you always get high quality mushroom traces at home. Therefore, order your mushroom tracks online at 24high. Whether it is a mushroom spore syringe or mushroom spores, we ensure that they are delivered quickly and discreetly at your home.

Growing Mushrooms from traces

When you start growing mushrooms from spores, you can do this in various ways. It is important that you work sterile at all times. In the process of contamination, this can have disastrous consequences for your mushroom harvest. Therefore, if necessary, we supply various materials to work sterile when ordering traces.