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Top 10 Mushrooms

Here you can find an overview of the 10 most sold mushrooms, truffles and magic mushrooms. These magic mushrooms bring you all in higher realms. Prepare for a great trip after taking these mushrooms. Whether you choose mushrooms or magic truffles.



In Dutch, mushrooms literally translates to mushrooms. In The smartshop we talk about magic mushrooms or truffles. Between these two there is a difference that we will explain below. All mushrooms have the goal to let you trip and expan your consciousness. Anyway, the best mushrooms can be found in the online smartshop 24High. That's why we invented a top 10 of mushrooms so you can instantly see which products are the most popular. The most famous of the mushrooms are the magic mushrooms. However, the sale of fresh magic mushrooms is banned in the Netherlands today. That's why smartshops don't offer fresh magic mushrooms but still have the ability to grow mushrooms. That is still allowed. Mushroom growing is done with the mushroom growkit when you are a beginner. If you are a more advanced grower then you can make the switch to mushroom growing from mushroom tracks.

Magical Truffles

Although the sale of magic mushrooms that you can eat directly is forbidden, online smartshops are still selling magical truffles. You can order them ready to eat online. According to the law, this form of mushrooms can still be sold. Magic truffles are a byproduct of the paddo. With this you still get psychoactive substances psilocybin and psilocin inside and this is the dust you can use to Trippen

The effects of magic mushrooms

From mushrooms you go tripping. Therefore, they are often called magic mushrooms. With this designation you know that you have some special waiting. A trip of mushrooms ensures that you can experience hallucinations either on visual or auditory plane. You can therefore also come to deep conversations with yourself after using mushrooms

Types of mushrooms

As mentioned, there are two different types of mushrooms on the main lines. These are the mushroom and the magical truffle. However, you will also have different types. For example, you have Hawaiian truffles or Cambodian mushrooms. All these mushrooms grow in different places in the world. That means different weather conditions, different feeding soils. This ensures that they grow and look in a different way but also give another trip. They different in strength.

Dried mushrooms

The sale of dried mushrooms has also been established in the Netherlands. This happened already in 2008. Dried mushrooms are no longer available at online smartshops. Dried magic truffles, however, still do.

How can I still eat mushrooms?

If I still want to tripp on fresh magic mushrooms, its stil possible? Because yes, I can still buy dried magic truffles But I want magic mushrooms. The King of the magic mushrooms. The answer is simple. You will have to grow the mushrooms yourself. For this, online smartshops offer mushroom growkits. These are, in some cases, ready-to-go so you can get started directly with growing mushrooms. Also you can choose to buy mushroom tracks. This allows you to determine the conditions under which your mushrooms grow.

Grow your own mushrooms

When you use a ready-made mushroom growkit, growing magic mushrooms is incredibly easy. It can't actually go wrong. You follow the instructions and then it is actually a matter of patience. For beginner mushroom Growers We advise you to start with mushroom growkits that are ready-made. If you are more advanced then you can make the step to mushroom tracks.

Buy Mushrooms Online

Mushrooms can be bought online. There are many online smartshops where you can buy mushrooms online. Ordering fresh mushrooms means ordering dried magic truffles As the mushrooms are not ready to order. The mushroom growkits can of course be ordered online at 24high. As well as the magical truffles.

Ordering Online mushrooms in a discreet and fast way

After you have ordered your mushrooms online, we ship them as soon as possible. The mushrooms are shipped within 24 hours at the latest. That way you have ordered your mushrooms quickly and in the house. The mushrooms are packaged in a discreet and anonymous box. In this way it is a safe, discreet and fast way to receive your mushrooms at home.

So make your choice from the top 10 mushrooms that our customers have bought from us.