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Grow supplies

When you grow mushrooms, you need mushroom grow gear. These mushroom grow gear are there to ensure a prosperous harvest. In fact, growing mushrooms is only possible when you have the necessary breeding gear in your home.


Buy mushroom grow gear

Buying stuff for the mushroom cultivation you do at the online smartshop 24High. Here you can find everything on mushroom breeding gear for a successful harvest. Both products help you to create the right breeding ground and grow stuff that will help you to positively influence the harvest.

Which mushroom grow gear do you need for a successful harvest?

To successfully grow mushrooms you need to work in a sterile environment. Contamination of unwanted bacteria is the biggest hazard when you are going to grow mushrooms. For this you need mushroom grow gear such as a filter box, filter bag, sterile gloves and a mouth mask.

Filterbox is one of the essential mushroom grow gear

A filter box is essential when you're going to grow mushrooms. With the filter box you can protect your future mushroom harvest from unwanted bacteria. This will ensure that you have a greater chance of obtaining a successful mushroom harvest. This means that filter boxes are important mushroom grow gear. The fine is also that our filter boxes can be sterilized in a pressure cooker between the harvesting.

Another important part of your mushroom grow gear: Filter Bag

The filter bag can also be sterilized in the pressure cooker. This immediately makes it clear that sterile work is important in all facets. A filter bag protects your mushrooms against those nasty bacteria that can ruin your harvest. The purpose of the filter bag for magic mushrooms is to create a perfect environment for growing mushrooms. And since you want a good harvest, you also want to invest in good mushroom breeding gear. With a mushroom filter bag, dangers remain outside and the moisture within that is important for the growth of mushrooms.

Sterile Gloves for growing mushrooms

You may not be able to stop right away, but also sterile gloves belong to your mushroom grow gear. Your hands use you all the day and these contain many bacteria, even after thorough washing this remains a risk. It would be a shame to endanger your mushroom harvest by saving on sterile glove. The costs are negligible.

Mouth Mask is part of your mushroom grow gear

Also a mouth mask is not something you immediately think about when growing mushrooms. Yet there are a lot of bacteria in your mouth. These often also have a goal for your health and even after brushing your teeth, these are present. A mouth cap prevents you from spreading bacteria through the air you breathe out. Would be a shame when they end up on your magic mushrooms. Therefore, make sure that a mouth mask is part of your mushroom grow gear.

Why a scalpel is part of your mushroom grow gear

When you want to grow mushrooms from a spore print, a scalpel is a handy tool to scrape traces of your spore print. You can also use a scalpel as a tool to cut mycelium from Agar. So handy to have between your mushroom grow gear.

Heating mat belongs to your breeding gear

Growing mushrooms and also truffles is often influenced by the temperature. As you understand, the changing climate in the Netherlands is not ideal for the cultivation of mushrooms and truffles. This is why, especially in the cold winter months, a heating pad can be a solution. At 24high you can buy a thermobaffler that provides an ideal temperature of the nutrient base. This allows you to maximize your harvest. If you are going to grow mushrooms then a heating mat is simply part of your mushroom breeding gear.

Create breeding ground for mushroom growing

Growing mushrooms can be done with a ready-made mushroom growkit, but many people also choose to grow magic mushrooms with mushroom tracks. The right breeding ground is very important for this. A breeding ground can consist of several parts. At 24High we sell 3 important parts for the breeding ground of your mushrooms in our category of mushroom breeding gear. With us you buy vermiculite, perlite and rice flour. These ingredients can be used to create the right breeding ground for your chosen mushroom tracks.

Questions about mushroom grow stuff

Growing mushrooms can evoke many questions, especially the first time you're going to grow mushrooms. In addition to delivering mushroom grow gear, we can also help you positively influence your mushroom harvest. We would like to answer your questions about growing mushrooms and choosing the right mushroom breeding gear. We are in the process of optimizing your mushroom cultivation, so if we can help you with that, you just have to give it. Our broad expertise can help you make sensible choices.