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Recovery & Detox & Tripstopper

Do you want your body to be healthy and fit again? Then we offer you the solution here with detox products, anti-hangover products and even trip stoppers. So if you want to recover quickly after drinking alcohol or using drugs then you've come to the right place.


Order Online Detox Products

Detoxing has become a well-known term. Especially for people who are living a healthy lifestyle. There are several ways to detox and there are also products that can help. In our webshop, you can buy detox tea that helps you to cleanse your body from within. You easily order these detox products online.

Did you party to hard last night on alcohol? What about an anti-hangover pill (Paraxine)

We all look too deep in the glass once in a while. It's just too sociable on that one birthday or at the festival you decided to just drink a little more than you had intended yourself. Fortunately there happy resources that help to break down the alcohol faster. This prevents you from having a huge hangover the next day, for example. With a simple anti-hangover pill you are less bothered by the alcohol you have drunk.

Faster recovery of drugs

Not only from alcohol can you get a hangover, of drugs that can be sure too. For example from the use of MDMA at a festival or of cocaine. After C and E make your body recover faster and easier. This prevents you from looking at bed cartoons the next day. After a good party you can also make some fun of the next day with the help of these products. This way you don't have to throw away a whole weekend because of a night out.

Trip Stoppers

Do you ever use mushrooms or magic truffles? Then it's smart to always have a trip stopper in your home. Nobody can guarantee you that you will have a great, fantastic and enjoyable trip. If you have a bad trip, you can really do yourself a pleasure with taking a trip stopper. This stops your trip faster and becomes less intense during the time the trip is working out. Still pleasant when you feel so rotten and can't get out.

Detox with tea

Not only when you have used drugs or alcohol it is good to regularly cleanse and strengthen your body with good herbs. Detoxing with tea is very popular. It helps your body to get clean from the inside out. Just get all the toxins out and enjoy the many benefits of a clean, fit, strong body. You will feel reborn with Land Racer Detox Tea.

How to detox?

Taking detox tea is just one of the potential to detox. There are more ways to do that. You can also take capsules to detox. These are packed with healthy vitamins and minerals that help you to clean your body from the inside out. Anything that does not contribute to a healthy body must leave your body as soon as possible. With detox capsules you can reach this easily and quickly.

Why Detox is so important?

You have only one body and this brings you so far in life as you take care of it. Therefore, make sure your body is strong and vital. eat healthy and exercise regularly. Yet everyone gets some toxins inside. Detox is the way to ensure that these toxins leave your body quickly.

Do not suffer from usage drugs and alcohol the next day

That drugs and alcohol provide a great night is no surprise. They both find a greedily deduction in the Netherlands. Unfortunately with the use of drugs and alcohol, you also get a lot of toxins inside. Detox and vitamins will help the toxins leave your body as quickly as possible. In addition, these products also complement your vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This will allow you to feel fit again faster and have less negative feelings of a hangover of alcohol or drugs.

Order detox and anti-hangover pills online

You can easily order a trip stopper, anti-hangover (Parazine) pill, After Cocaine, After Ecstasy, detox capsule online. Buying online is easy and fast and even more important, you will have your products discreetly packed and delivered to your home in no time e