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Happy Caps E

Do you just need a little extra? Then choose Happy Caps. With Happy Caps you can get that extra boost in a legal way. You can now also buy these spice mixes online in our webshop.


What are Happy Caps?

We all know XTC or cocaine. These are prohibited by law. Happy Caps are not. With Happy Caps you can achieve similar results, but in a legal way. These Happy Caps are composed on the basis of legal and natural herbs. These herbs are combined to achieve a certain state of mind. This way you can actually determine your mood for the next few hours.

Types of Happy Caps

For every mood there is an actually Happy Cap put together. This spice mix is prepared to get you in the right and chosen mood. To realize these different kinds of effects various natural herbs are used such as Kanna, guarana, elves flower or pink carrot.

In which mood are you in?


Happy Caps to study better

Is your final exam getting closer? Then you may want to hold up your concentration longer than you normally do. With Brain-E Happy Caps You can hold your concentration longer.

More energy with Happy Caps

There is also a Happy Cap that focuses on increasing your energy level. The energy-E Happy Caps give you more energy and make you less reserved. You won't get tired and you can continue for hours, for example, partying and dancing.

You feel merrier

Do you want to laugh more than you're used to? More confident? Or need an euphoric feeling? Then  Happy Caps Euphor-E is your choice. Ideal for a pleasant evening away with friends.

Triping with Happy Caps

If you are searching for a more or less a similar experience to magic truffles, the happy caps Trip-E are the right choice for you. These will help you trip as the name suggests. Discover new dimensions and raise awareness.

Relax after a stressful day

Tired after a busy day at work ? Just want to come home and relax ? Then we warmly recommend the Heavenly-E Happy Caps. These Happy Caps will bring you into a relaxed and easy going state. Your mind will be free of negative or daily stressed thoughts, total relaxation.

More intense enjoyment of life

Don't you want to trip and enjoy more of natures intense colors and double your senses? Then choose the Happy Caps Space-E. These capsules make the world more enjoyable because they make you connect in a higher level with your environment.

How Many Happy Caps can you take?

Using Happy Caps is very nice, but there are rules you have to keep up with. Happy Caps all contain a clear instruction manual that we provide. Here is exactly how to handle the Happy Caps. You can take up to 2 for 24 hours. How much you have to take depends on your body weight.

After how long do the Happy Caps start working?

After taking the Happy Caps capsules you can assume that after 45 minutes you notice the first results. Of course, the food you have eaten as well as other smart drugs affects the operation of the Happy Caps. Preferably, you should take the Happy Caps on an empty stomach. Incidentally, there are also people who prefer to drink some milk beforehand to strengthen the gastric membrane.

Happy caps for the novice smartshop customer

The benefit of the happy caps is that you are excellent for the novice user of psychedelic drugs. They are easy to use and often give you a nice trip or euphoric feeling without giving annoying side effects. Of course they are also easy to dose as they come in capsules. So do you want to trip for the first time and embark on your psychedelic journey? Then choose Happy Caps.

Order Happy Caps online in our webshop

Yet it is always a bit of a threshold to enter a smartshop, at least for many people.  Ordering in a simple way from your couch at home is so much easier. Therefore, choose the convenience of online ordering in the webshop. Choose the Happy Caps that fit the feeling you want to experience and we will send them directly to your home. Order your Happy Caps online today and we will send them tomorrow so you can enjoy these magic caps quickly.