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HempCare Sleep 10 % CBD 10 ml

HempCare Sleep 10 % CBD  10 ml
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Hempcare CBD Sleep is a high-quality full
spectrum CBD, enriched with specific terpenes, which can help improve your sleep quality
to improve.

CBG and CBD for better sleep
To understand how CBD supports sleep, it is good to know what is happening
when we sleep. During a sleep there are four sleep stages that we go through several times.
Phase 1 is the brief transition from awake to light sleep. Slow down gradually in
about 15 minutes the heart rate, breathing and brain activity.
2. In phase 2 you are asleep, but not yet in deepest sleep. You can still do this in this phase
simply wake up.
Phase 3 is deep sleep, which is essential to your health. In this phase you recover
body and your brain organizes your experiences of the day.
And finally, there is a fourth phase called REM phase.
In a normal sleep cycle, you go through each phase and have five or six cycles in the eight hours
that you sleep. The time that you are in a certain phase does change. In the first
cycle you enter the REM phase for ten minutes after about an hour and a half. While you are in the
last cycle, shortly before waking up, are in phase 3 for a short time and are in the REM phase for the longest time.
In many cases, the quality of sleep improves due to CBD. The effect of CBD
however, on sleep differs per user. Many users notice, sometimes after just a few
days when they fall asleep more easily. Then they go through all cycles and are rested
awake. Others wake up in between, but still report a clear improvement
of sleep quality thanks to CBD.
Getting into a deep sleep during the first cycle is what sleep experts say
most important. When that succeeds, the chances of a full good sleep, and therefore a good one
recovery, the greatest. The calming effect of hempcare CBD Sleep is pre-eminently there
for suitable.
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