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Moonwalk - 1 piece
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€ 49,95

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The Herbal Kicks contain 15% vol. organic alcohol and are available in 30 ml. The shots are free of refined sugars, artificial aromas, preservatives and animal products (vegan), exclusively with organic juices from apple, agave and passion fruit. With extracts of: Guarana, Kalmoes, Catuaba and Passionflower, (Organically grown from wild harvest).


1 x 30 ml or 15 x 30 ml


Moonwalk Herbal KickRelaxed, floating, endless Moonwalk - completely relaxed in the here and now: The serenity of Passionflower and Kalmoes underlined with subtle energy by Catuaba and Guarana. Liquid treat to a place without gravity.


The Kicks can be consumed directly or in delicious mixed drinks and cocktails - for example passion fruit juice. Shake well. Chilled to enjoy.

 The Kicks can be directly consumed or mixed in cocktails-for example passion fruit juice.  Shake well and drink it Cool !!
The Moonwalk Herbal Kicks contain 15% vol. alcohol and organic are available in 30 ml The shots are free from refined sugars, artificial flavors, preservatives, animal products (vegan), exclusively with organic apple juices, agave and passion fruit. With extracts of: Guarana, sweet rush, Catuaba and passion flower, (organically grown from wild harvest).

  • 1 x 30 ml or 15 x 30 ml available
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