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Baby Hawaiian Woodrose

Baby Hawaiian Woodrose
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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is a climbing root with beautiful lilac flowers that belonged to the Indian subcontinent. The seeds of the Baby Woodrose contain Enthogens, Psychoactive ingredients. The seeds can be used for their various lysergamide alkaloids such as LSA. & Nbsp;

The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is a popular candidate for the mythological Soma plant, whose definitive botanical identity is unknown. is. "Soma" is the liquid potion derived from the Soma plant, and the earthly counterpart of Ambrosia, the ancient, mythical drink of immortality reserved for the Hindu gods and their ancient priests, the brahmanas. The name soma was given to a deity (the moon; the god of plants), the plant itself and the sacrificial drink prepared from the plant.

Doses for oral consumption:

1 Hawaiian Woodrose seed contains approximately 0.25 mg LSA

  • Light trip: 0.5 to 1 mg LSA
  • Mild trip: 1 to 1.5 mg LSA
  • Strong trip: 1.5 to 3 mg LSA
  • Heavy trip: 3 to 4 mg LSA
Don't try to eat 4 to 6 hours before you eat the seeds, this can considerably prevent abdominal pain. The average dose is 4 to 8 seeds. Some users recommend no more than 2 or 3 seeds to be used the first time.
  1. Remove any remaining skins and make the seeds as fine as possible with a knife or scissors. They can also be ground with a coffee grinder.

  2. Put them in a cup and pour half a cup of hot & nbsp; but not boiling & nbsp; & nbsp; water left. It is best to use distilled water because tap water and mineral water contain minerals that can reduce the effect of the seeds.

  3. Let it stand for at least 1½ hours until the water is back to room temperature. The alkaloids dissolve in the water at a certain temperature that is reached at some point during cooling.

  4. Now drink the water together with the seed material.


The hallucinatory effects are comparable to alcohol intoxication with psychedelic visual effects such as better and more intense colors. The effect lasts 6-8 hours.


  • Argyreia nervosa
  • 10 seeds

The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds can be dangerous for the health when combined with certain medications, alcohol, or MAO inhibitors. Do you use medication ? Please always consult your doctor and read the patient information leaflet of your medicine to health risks to avoid. Do NOT use the seeds if you are pregnant or breastfeeding .When you use these seeds do NOT participate in traffic !! Do NOT drive a car or other vehicles.
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