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Kratom 15x / 20x Extract

Kratom 15x / 20x Extract
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€ 10,95 (Incl.VAT)
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Kratom 15x Extract - 1gr
€ 10,95
Kratom 20X Extract - 1gr
€ 12,95

Kratom is a spice from the leaves of a Thai tree. In Thailand it has been in use for a long time because of its medicinal effect. It has been popular in the West for a number of years, mainly due to its narcotic effects. Kratom has a strong effect on your mood and energy. It gives a feeling of happiness and strength and encourages activity. At a low dose it is euphoric and stimulating, at a higher dose it has a calming effect. The medicinal effect of the leaves was first described around 1835 by the Dutchman Pieter Korthals. In 1943 the tree was banned in the country of origin. Nowadays it is grown outside of Thailand in several countries. In addition, the effects may differ due to different processing and the mixing of leaves. Kratom 15X Extract from Mystic Herbs is of very good quality.


Kratom can be prepared for use in various ways. The most common is making tea. Add 0.5 to 1 gram in 150 ml of boiling water, leave for 10 minutes. Optionally, add some honey and drink it.


There are more than 25 different alkaloid found in the kratom leaves, mitragynine probably being the most important. Mitragynine is related to substances in psychedelic drugs. But Kratom has no psychedelic effect. It has the narcotic effect of opium and, like other opiates, it arouses sexual desire. Most users report mood improvement, disappearance of anxiety and a feeling of total relaxation. High doses can cause prolonged sleep.


1 gram of Kratom 15x or 20x Extract

Kratom can be dangerous to health when it`s combined with certain medications, alcohol or with MAO inhibitors. Are you using Medication? Always consult your doctor first and read the package insert of your medicine to prevent health risks. Don't use the seeds if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Please treat Kratom with respect and when using do not participate at traffic. Don`t go driving cars or other vehicles.
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