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SLX Grinder Aluminium Non Sticky 62 mm - Charcoal

SLX Grinder Aluminium Non Sticky 62 mm - Charcoal
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€ 59,95 (Incl.VAT)
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We've taken everything you loved about the original SLX herb grinder and made it even better. With a host of new features, from a new coating, redesigned screens and teeth, now there's even more to love about SLX.
Integration of feedback from the community, we have our proprietary nano-ceramic coating applied on any surface-inside out. Our coating reduces friction and resin build, deliver an effortless gravel every time. It is FDA certified and free from Teflon or other toxic chemicals. Even after months of use the SLX grinder will keep turning like the first day you purchased it.
  • Ultra low friction ceramic coating
  • Repels water and oils
  • SLX the only grinder that Never Sticks and never needs cleaning.
  • Formulated to eliminate friction and prevent debris from building up on the cutting area
  • Cerami-Coat provides an effortless grind and annihilates “cleaning” from your customer's vocabulary.
  • SLX shatters every expectation of what a perfect grinder should be
  • Developed from materials that reduce friction on industrial blades and cutting tools
  • It will never chip, flake, or burn
  • Literally repels sticky buildup
  • Say “goodbye” to stuck grinders and difficult turning.
  • NO Teflon, PTFE, or other toxic chemicals! 
  • FDA certified for food contact
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