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Stacker 7-Phenyl Stack

Stacker 7-Phenyl Stack
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Stacker 7-Phenyl Stack - 4 pcs
€ 3,95
Stacker 7-Phenyl Stack - 100 pcs
€ 29,95

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 Stacker has always been known as the most powerful fat burner ever. NVE Pharmaceuticals, worked on this new formula for two years and the result is something that until recently was seen as impossible: an extremely powerful composition, ephe-dra free, free of yohimbe, but with fat-burning properties and metabolic enhancement extracts. This stacker belongst to the strongest in the world ! 7-Phenyl Stack is the way to lose weight fast !
    • 4caps/100 caps
    Content per capsule:
    • Phenyl-7 Stack complex 282 mg
    • consisting of: Choline bitartrate
    • taurine
    • Garcinia cambogia fruit 
    • green tea leaf extract 
    • konjac fiber, 
    • biotin 80 mcg (160% RDA)
    • Caffeine anhydrous 140 mg
    • gelatin
    • calcium phosphate
    • cellulose
    • stearic acid
    • titanium dioxide
    • magnesium stearate
    • silicon, E127 
    Stacker fat burner  can be dangerous to health when you combine it with certain medications, alcohol or with MAO inhibitors. Are you using drugs? Always consult your doctor first and read the package insert of your medicine to prevent health risks. DO NOT use  Stacker fat burner if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. 
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