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Cibiday - CBD Oil Drops - Quality Line - Extra Highly Concentrated - 20% CBD oil - 10ml

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Cibiday - CBD Oil Drops - Quality Line - Extra Highly Concentrated - 20% CBD oil - 10ml
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Content & Info

CBD Oil Extra High Content 10 ml - Cibiday Quality Line - (20% Cannabidiol + Olive oil)

An extra highly concentrated CBD oil with a total cannabidiol percentage of 20%. The liquid CBD oil, which is sold in a brown glass bottle, comes from the Quality Line of the Dutch producer Cibiday and contains olive oil in addition to cannabidiol oil. This CBD oil can also be ordered with hemp seed oil.

Extra highly concentrated CBD oil

Because this product from the Cibiday quality line has a very high cannabidiol level you have to use proportionally less of it than the lower concentrated oils from the Quality Line, which means that the product is also more economical to use. Extraction of environmentally friendly hemp plants Just like the other quality products from Cibiday, this CBD oil with extra high content is obtained through a special extraction method of environmentally friendly hemp plants. The hemp, which is EU-certified due to its non-psychoactive properties, is cultivated in a clean way, without the use of plant protection products or other means that are unhealthy for people or the environment.

Clean and pure CBD extract Hemp is a fast-growing crop which means that weeds, diseases or pests do not get the chance to attack the plant in such a way that pesticides must be used. Apart from hemp, in the Netherlands and neighboring countries, there is not one crop that is grown on a large scale for commercial purposes, without the use of toxic crop protection agents. Full of useful ingredients from hemp flowers and leaves Because the CBD oil is obtained from the flowers and leaves of hemp, it contains cannabidiol, a multitude of healthy ingredients available to the beneficial plant, including terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabinoids. All useful and valuable components for both the plant itself and for humans and animals.

Composition of the oil 
  • CBD-extract 
  • Olive oil  
General details 
  • Contents: 10 ml 
  • Total CBD content: 20% 
  • Cibiday Quality Line 
  • Submitted by EU-certified hemp plants 
  • Liquid extract with extra high content 
  • Delivered in brown glass pipette bottle 
  • 100% natural product 
  • Contains cannabidiol a full spectrum from hemp 
  • No additives
Since this oil has a high percentage of CBD and a more powerful effect It is advisable to start with a small dose. For any use you have to shake the bottle. By simply squeezing in the CAP you will fill the pipette, Start with 1 to 2 drops under the tongue. Wait about 1-2 minutes before swallowing. If necessary you can repeat this action several times on the day, depending on the situation.
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