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Have you discovered the power of meditation yet?

What is the power of meditation? Meditation is an age-old technique to calm the mind. Even before our era, there were philosophers who remarked how restless the human mind could be. Many people try to cope with tension, but find that they just keep on worrying. Meditating can help you distance yourself from your thoughts. It really works, but you will have to practice. Read in this blog about the benefits of meditation and whether there are any other resources that can help.

The benefits of meditation

In every religion or belief some kind of meditation is present. We all know the meditating Buddha, but prayer in Christianity is also meditative. Meditation is also a well-known technique in Hinduism. So when so many people are engaged in it, it must have benefits. The power of meditation is in the fact that it can calm you down. People fly all day long, engaged in work, family, sports, money, social media and a lot more. Our mind never stops. All those things that require our attention cause stress. By meditating you focus your attention for a moment only on yourself. This moment of peace nourishes your body and mind. But you will not only find a point of rest in yourself, you will also get to understand your own mind better. Thoughts don't really stand still during a meditation, you just don't pay attention to them. As a result, you learn to distance yourself from all that inner chat. You can also suffer from strong emotions in times of stress. You keep feeling that too, but you don't dive into it. You acknowledge them and release them.

So the benefits of meditation are:

  • Focus on the now
  • Learning to distance yourself from your thoughts
  • Taking real rest
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Can help prevent depression
  • You feel better where you hold physical tension
  • You learn to feel and let go of emotions

How can you meditate?

There are all kinds of different forms of meditation. It doesn't matter which one you are going to do, because they all have a beneficial effect. This way you can very easily sit in silence, with your eyes open or closed and focus on your breathing. You can feel this in your stomach or chest. You can count your breath. By focusing only on that and not being distracted by thoughts, you will feel more calm.

Other meditation techniques include:

  • Focusing on a candle, stone or other object
  • Reciting a mantra or affirmation
  • Focusing your attention on different body parts (body scan)
  • Visualizing: presenting calm images

How supplements can help with meditation

Meditation sounds simple, but that's it in fact not. For us Western people it is difficult to tear ourselves away from daily worries. We feel rushed. And then when you sit still, everything will protest to get back into action. That's why you hear so often: meditation is boring. But in that dullness lies the power of meditation. That rest is exactly what you need to stay healthy. So as a mother with a disobedient child, you will have to put yourself in order. Look for that peace again. Eventually you will enjoy what meditation can bring you. Fortunately, supplements can help with that.

Discovering the power of meditation with CBD

CBD is a cannabinoid, a substance that comes from the hemp plant. Just like its psychoactive brother THC, only CBD will not get you high. One of the positive qualities of CBD is that it helps you to calm down. If you feel stress, worry a lot and your thoughts run wild, CBD can bring that much sought after relaxation. You can notice this both physically and mentally. In addition, CBD also sharpens the concentration. This can help if you are trying to meditate!

The link between psychedelics and meditation

Also psychedelics, such as kanna, Kratom, psilocybin mushrooms or truffles, or cannabis, can enhance the power of meditation. Psychedelics contain substances, such as psilocybin, that have a mind-altering effect. Natural peoples have used magic mushrooms in religious ceremonies since time immemorial. This shows that you can get closer to yourself and the universe. People use magic mushrooms to feel connection and to gain deeper insights. That is also why people meditate. Actually, those two fit together very well. Both can have a healing effect, heal emotional damage and can be used to gain more clarity. Magic mushrooms and weed and the like strengthen our senses. During a meditation you focus completely on the here and now. You make contact with your body and use your senses to experience everything. Psychedelics can promote the meditative experience because you can perceive everything sharply. This way you can more easily enter a meditative state. But keep in mind that everyone reacts differently. They can also have a stimulating effect, causing you to become too distracted. If you want to use psychedelics during meditation, you will have to try out how you react to this and whether it is useful.