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Seals (powder package)

Do you want to buy nice, high-quality seals? Then choose our seals for 1 gram or a 0.5 gram of powder. Most seals that you can buy from us are water-repellent and have pre-printed folding lines.


Buy seals

You can buy seals in different sizes for different quantities of powder with us. These seals can be purchased online and will be discreetly packed and delivered to your home or to a specified address.

Different types of seals

Although all our powder packaging is made of the highest quality, there are differences. They all have their own imprint. This way you can choose different sealers. We offer the following seals:

  • Pony suit seals
  • Snow Seals
  • Scarface seals
  • Tony Montana seals
  • Anonymous seals
  • Colombian Connection seals
  • Pablo Escobar seals
  • Pirate Pack Seals
  • spacepack seals
  • Space Pack Just Lines
  • Space Pack Blanco
  • Space Pack Black

These seals can now be purchased in our webshop. We make sure you have them in your home quickly. In most cases, the seals can be ordered per 100 pieces with us. For Pony suit and Snow seals you can order them per 30 pieces.

Two sizes of seals

In Our webshop you buy one of two types of seals. The normal seals are good for a 1 gram powder. The mini seals are good for a 0.5 gram powder. This way, your snuff is kept safe. The material of which the sealers are made are a protective layer against, for example, moisture.

Seals with folding lines

The seals, you still have to fold them into envelopes. For this, most seals have handy folding lines. In Many cases there is also a folding instruction that shows you exactly how to fold the seal into a perfect envelope. Luckily it's not very complicated. Seals that you can buy with us without folding lines have clearly stated in the description that there are no folding lines present. These are classified as blank.

Water Repellent seals

The fine of the seals that you can buy in our webshop is that they are water repellent. This is due to the special wax layer with which the seals are machined. These seals thus protect the contents from moisture and dirt. The seals are made of grease-proof paper that is also durable. The powder in the powder packaging will probably be important to you, otherwise you would not put it in a sealer. So good protection is important.

Seals to store powder

What you store in your seals is entirely up to you. They are suitable for practically all types of powders. The only thing we stand for is the quality of the seals.

Order your seals online today

Make sure you don't have to sit without seals and order new seals today. We deliver your seals quickly at the specified address. All our products are packed discreetly and delivered to your home at lightning speed.