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Pipes - Assortment

You can buy a pipe in our online headshop. Whether it is a normal pipe or a weed pipe. We have glass pipes, metal pipes and wooden pipes.


Meer artikelen laden

Meer artikelen laden

Smoking weed with a weed pipe

Smoking a weed without tobacco can be done with a weed pipe or a bong. It is quite popular to smoke weed without tobacco with a pipe. These are easy to carry and easy to use. These weed pipes prevent you from smoking tobacco. This way you can enjoy the pure taste off weed.

Buy Weed pipe on the Internet

As you can see we have many different weed pipes for sale. This allows you to pick out the nozzle you want and order it directly online. We pack the weed pipe for you in a way that it can be transported safely. This way the weed pipe is always undamaged at your address. We will send the weed pipe at lightning speed to your home, this way you don't have to wait long after your purchase to receive your product.

What is a pure pipe?

A pure pipe is actually no more than a pipe that you can use to smoke and enjoy the pleasures off your cannabis or other herbs. A pure wand is as the name says made to enjoy pure weed or hashish. These pipes are especially designed for withstanding high temperatures. A higher combustion temperature is necessary to be able to burn your weed, hash and herbs without tobacco.

Why do people choose a pure pipe or a weed pipe?

Smoking pure weed is a wish for many people, smoking through a weed pipe is also something elegant and healthier than with tobacco. It just gives you a little more respect. Of course you want your weed pipe to fit your needs. Therefore, there are many different types of pipes to be found in our assortment.  

How does a weed pipe work?

When you're going to use a weed pipe to smoke weed or hash, it's actually pretty simple. All you have to do is place a screen, a gauze, to prevent weed crumbs from coming into your mouth. Place the weed or hash in the bowl of your pipe and heat it. It is so simple to use a weed pipe. This also applies to a pure pipes. Be sure to clean your nozzle after use.

How to clean a Weed Pipe

As with other products that you can use to get into the higher spheres, it is important to clean pipes properly. How to clean your pipe depends on the material that the pipe is made of. For example, not every pipe can be cleaned with soda or the same cleaning products. A little brush is good to use to clean your weed pipe.

Glass pipes

One of the materials that are made of pipes is glass. The glass pipes have a number of advantages. It is easy to clean and does not give a taste to the smoke. Furthermore, glass can endure the heat of burning well.

Metal pipes

More and more we see metal pipes coming to the market. These are often cheaper and easier to produce in various colors than for example wooden pipes. Another advantage of the metal pipes is that you can easily disassemble them and therefore easier to clean. They are also barely affected by the heat.

Wooden pipes

Traditionally wooden pipes are used. These often look gracefully but are a little more costly because they are often embellished by hand. The wooden pipes give you an intense flavor.  

High quality of pipes

All manufacturers with which we work together supply pipes of the highest quality. We select the parties with whom we cooperate. These reputable manufacturers supply high quality pipes simply because they are proud of every pipe they produce. So feel free to choose one of our pipes and experience pure weed in the high quality pipes.