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Pax Labs

Do you want to buy a Pax vaporizer? Then you are in the right place. At 24High you can order evaporators from Pax Labs online. Order your Pax vaporizer online at 24High and expect it at home quickly so that you can start enjoying vaporization.


Buy Pax vaporizers Online

Buying a evaporator can easily be done online. In our online webshop you can make a choice between different vaporizers. If your choice is fallen on the Pax vaporizer, we'll send it to your home at lightning speed. We'll ship the Pax vaporizer in an anonymous box that provides sufficient protection to the vaporizer. This way you can quickly get the Pax vaporizer in your home safely and discreetly.

History of the company behind Pax Vaporizers

The company that makes Pax Vaporizers is called Pax Labs. This company was founded in 2007 under the name Ploom by James Monsees and Adam Bowen. Later, the name changed to Pax Labs. The head office of Pax Labs is located in San Francisco. Behind Pax Labs, an interesting group of investors is hiding. This includes Fidelity Investments, Tiger Global and Tao Invest (Pritzker Family Fund). The advantage of this group of investors is that it has a lot of experience with software and hardware technologies in the healthcare and biotech industries.

The vision of the company that makes Pax vaporizers

The 2018 award-winning brand for consumer technology focuses on creating responsible, enjoyable and personalized vaporizer experiences. Pax vaporizers are specially different than the mass. It's a unique product created with amazing technology.

Which distinguish Pax vaporizers from other evaporators

The loose leaf and extract vaporizers are made of high quality materials and provide powerful experiences. They are suitable for people who are looking for a premium and discreet product. To achieve this, Pax Labs makes vaporizers that work with the best software and hardware. This creates a personalized vaporizer for any person who further distinguishes itself in the field of design and innovation.

Why buy Pax vaporizers?

The answer is actually quite simple. The Pax vaporizers are beautifully made with advanced technology and deliver simple and enjoyable vape experiences. The innovative control with a futuristic design make vape with a Pax evaporator an engaging, even playful experience.

In the media, the Pax vaporizers are often referred to as the iPhone of Evaporators. This is due to the free smartphone app for the vaporizer. The Pax Vaporizer combines simple and innovative controls with a sleek design. This ensures a clean and tasty vapor production to provide the ultimate dry herb-vapor experience.

Now order your pax vaporizer online

Although the Pax vaporizers are made by a company in America you can also order the Pax evaporator in the Netherlands. This way you can get the Pax vaporizer in your home quickly and be sure that your order arrives. We always have the Pax vaporizer in stock so you can get it in your house at a competitive price. Order your Pax vaporizer today.