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The Ghost vaporizers are now also available in the Netherlands. These special Ghost vaporizers can be ordered in our webshop in various colors. Be surprised at the extremely high quality that this vaporizer brings.


Buy the Ghost vaporizer online

This American vaporizer is pretty special. It looks different than you are used to from a vaporizer. This makes the Ghost vaporizer stand out, but they have more qualities than just the shape. The enormous smoke that this vaporizer creates are striking. Buying your Ghost vaporizer online is financially attractive. Fortunately, we can deliver this directly from stock so you won't have to wait long.

The company behind Ghost vaporizers

In 2015, the Ghost Vapes company was founded in America by 3 friends. This company really stands for quality in everything they do. Their flagship the Ghost vaporizer MV1 proves that this is true . The starting point was to build the best portable vaporizer in the world and that's how they started.

Revolutionary development of Ghost vaporizers

After researching the market by interviewing countless users and sellers of vaporizers discovered the points for improvement of the vaporizers that were on the market at the time. This with the aim of bringing the very best vaporizer to the market was of course valuable information. The technique was also examined and so Ghost Vapes came up with a completely new and pioneering technology: On-demand, real convection evaporation for dry herbs and concentrates.

What makes Ghost vaporizers so special?

The true convection evaporation for dry herbs and concentrates is built according to the highest standards. Consider the standards for medical devices. This gives you enormous power with leading performance. It is ready in seconds and does not suffer from a drop in temperature during use.

Order Ghost vaporizer

In our webshop you can order the Ghost vaporizers in seconds. Simply choose the right color and add it to the shopping cart. As soon as we receive the order, we will pack and send it for you. We always do this with a view to fast delivery. Of course you don't want to wait too long before you can receive your new Ghost vaporizer. Therefore order today, send tomorrow. All our vaporizers are sent completely discreetly. No one needs to know what you order and where you ordered it.