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Extraction systems

Extraction systems are very popular to extract the THC substance as pure as possible from your cannabis buds. Buy your extraction system online now in our smartshop.


What exactly does an extraction system do?

An extraction system extracts substance from plants, like for example; THC from cannabis buds.

How does an extraction system work?

By using for example cold butane gas distinguishes your substances from each other. The butane gas goes through the weed buds and in this case distinguishes the THC from the buds. The THC and butane gas are collected in the residual container. Here the gas evaporates and leaves a residue of pure THC.

Why do you use an extraction system?

An extraction system is there for those who wants to enjoy the THC as pure as possible.

Which extraction system do you choose?

An extraction system aims to concentrate a certain substance. However, each extraction system works differently and has a different purpose. For example, you can choose an extraction system to make hash oil or THC resin. Therefore, choose the extraction system that fits your desired end result. Each extraction system has its own manual and always read it well before you use it.

Making hashish oil or THC resin with an extraction system

Making hash oil you do with an extraction system. In our webshop you will currently find two extraction systems. The Honey Bee Extractor uses butane gas to extract THC and The Queen Bee Extractor does this without using butane gas. Both extraction systems provide you with a simple way of THC oil or THC Resin. A true outcome for lovers of hash oil.

Is Butane gas a good way to extract cannabis?

The extracting of cannabis happened with the Honey Bee Extractor with the use off butane gas. This is ideal for solving cannabinoids. In addition it does not solves sheet green (chlorophyll), this has a very fine advantage and that is that it prevents the bitter taste of leafy green.  

Who are using extraction systems?

Extraction systems are therefore to extract certain raw materials. This you use to realize some substances in concentrated form. This is useful, for example, for people who have the legal number of weed plants in their garden in the Netherlands. Extraction systems are also used by people who want to use certain herbs in concentrated form.

Buy Extraction System

If you are going to buy an extraction system then you choose the right extraction system to extract the right raw material. After buying the extraction system on our website we provide discreet delivery at your home.