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Party Goods

Do you want to buy whipped cream patterns? You can easily order this in our webshop. We also have balloons and crackers for you. Everything for a guaranteed good party is delivered directly to your home.


Make your party more fun

Do you fancy a fun party? Then we have some fun for you. This party goods make every night a legendary party. That's why these party goods are also so hugely popular in the Netherlands. Life consists of making memories and that is for us, legendary parties that still are talking about for years.

Buy Cream cartridges

Buying cream cartridges, also known as laughing gas cartridges, is often done in the Netherlands. Buying whipped cream cartridges in our webshop is not only simple, but also fast. We deliver your ordered cream cartridges to your home quickly.

Cream Cartridges Wholesale

In Our webshop you buy cream cartridges per 24 pieces. However, we are not a wholesaler of whipped cream cartridges. We only deliver to consumers over 18 years of age. In any case, access to our webshop is only for persons over 18 years of age.

Cream Cartridges Cracker

The cream patterns you buy will of course open up. With a cream cracker, you can easily open the cream pattern. We only sell high quality cream crackers. These crackers are made of aluminum so that they last longer and you will not dispose them immediately after use. We also sell them in different colors so you can find exactly one that suits you. With these cream crackers, your hands are protected from the cold that is released after opening a cream cartridge.

Incidentally, we call the whipped cream crackers not for nothing crackers. That's exactly the sound you hear when you open a whipped cream pattern by turning it on.

Cream Cartridges buy Belgium

Not only in the Netherlands are whipped cream cartridges popular. Also in Belgium they are often bought and therefore we also supply cream cartridges in Belgium. You can buy the cream cartridges per 50 pieces in our webshop. After ordering them online, we pack them in a discreet way and deliver them to your home in Belgium.

Spacious your cream patterns on

Another little tip we want to give you. When you buy and use cream cartridges, we want to ask you to clean up the whipped cream cartridges as well. Often enough, the storage of whipped cream cartridges is just on the street. This is not only bad for the environment it can also provide dangerous situations. Children and the elderly can slip through the round shape of the whipped cream cartridges. Of course, we would prefer to avoid this.  

Order your cream cartridges online now

We always have enough cream cartridges for you in stock. Order your cream cartridges online quickly. And also don't forget to order the cream crackers and balloons. So you have a complete package in house for a legendary party.