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Plant of life

The company Plant of Life is one of the market leader in CBD. In 2010, cbd was first extracted from cannabis plants by Plant of Life in Amsterdam. Since then, the company has remained fully focused on the creation of CBD. Proud to say that Dutch people have certainly played a role in this process.

The history of Plant of Life

In 2010, the company Plant of Life was launched. They fully focus on the production of CBD, also known as cannabidiol. Because of this full focus on CBD, they have been able to become one of the most important players in the European market. The main factory is located in Spain. Here all kinds of CBD products are made. In addition, they have the number 1 cannabis plantation for CBD cannabis plants in Austria. The company is based in Barcelona in Spain. De quality of Plant of Life CBD products produced by Plant of Life are of the highest quality and comply with all European guidelines. This also means that these products are checked in laboratories for quality requirements and are provided with European labels such as CTAEX and IFHA. Of all products you can fully view the laboratory reports on their website. Full transparency. All Plant of Life products always contain less than 0.2% THC. This is in accordance with European directives.

What makes Plant of Life so special?

The CBD products of Plant of Life are of the highest quality and comply with all guidelines. However, there are several products that meet this requirement but Plant of Life differentiates itself in a different way in the CBD market. For example, the CBD is pure nature, vegetarian and produced without harming nature as well as the animal kingdom. Just as the plant-rich CBD has intended.

Plant of Life products

Currently you can buy Plant of Life products in our webshop. These CBD products are very popular because Plant of Life is one of the best known brands of CBD products in Europe. De products we currently offer are:

  • Plant of Life CBD oil
  • CBD hashish
  • CBD jelly
  • CBD edibles
  • CBD crystals

The benefits of CBD are overwhelming

It's not without reason Plant of Life has fully focused on CBD production. Without legally saying that CBD cures diseases, there are clear indications and stories of people that CBD can relieve pain and prevent spasms. There are people who indicate that it's anti-inflammatory. But there are also numerous other claims online about the positive effects of CBD. For example, it would have a positive effect for people with epilepsy, parkinson's, bipolar disorders and traumatic brain damage. CBD is obviously not a medicine, it is a dietary supplement but nutrition are the building blocks of your body.

Buy your Plant of Life online

On the Internet you can order Plant of Life CBD products online. In the 24High webshop you will find these products. We will make sure that your order is sent to the address you specified within a day. This makes it easy to order your Plant of Life CBD products online.