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Sometimes it can occur that a seed doesn't germinates. This is a growers or cultivater worst nightmare. The way of germination influences the cannabis seeds to open up. There are several ways to let your seed sprout but as far as I'm concerned there is only one way that works the best and thats the first option mentiod (germinating cannabis seeds on the most efficient way).

Germinating cannabis seeds on the most efficient way:

Start with the ideal room/ambient temperature of 20 degrees for germinating cannabis seeds. Wash your hands and place the seeds between two moist to wet kitchen roll paper. Take a ziplock plastic bag or large gripbag and place the damp paper towel with the seeds carefully in the bag. Close the bag and hang the bag with the opening of the bag above so that the water (kitchen roll paper/condensation) can drop to the bottom(do not remove the water during the process). If the roots are visible (24 to 48 hours) it's time to plant. Plant the cannabis seeds with the root aimed down into the Earth. Keep the earth good moist, wait patiently and see the beautiful plants grow.

Amenities: zip bag/gripbag, kitchen roll paper, clothes peg

Germinating cannabis seeds on the most easiest way:

Another way is to place the seeds in a glass of flat spring water with the ideal temperature of 20 degrees. The seeds will jump open approximately after 2 to 5 days. This is the time to plant the cannabis seeds with the root (first what you see when the seed opens) aimed down into the dirt. Keep the dirt good moist, wait patiently and see the beautiful cannabis plants grow.

Amenities: glass, spring water

Germinating cannabis seeds on the most classic way:

Take a small pot and plant the seeds between the 3-5 mm deep in the dirt. Then pour gently enough water over the seed. Cover the pot with foil and place it in the window sill or in the Sun. Make sure the environment/room temperature between 20-25 degrees, this is the ideal temperature for germination/growing cannabis seeds. This way of germinating takes longer (3-10 days) and is less efficient than the top two options. Let me put it this way, the chance is greater that the seeds do not germinate.

Amenities: seeds, small pot , plastic foil, dirt

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Image by OpenClipart-Vectors on Pixabay, Image by rawpixel on Pixabay, Image by 7raysmarketing on Pixabay, Image by rawpixel