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24High is an online headshop where you can buy the best headshop products. Our headshop delivers products throughout the Netherlands and Europe. All these products are of high quality and are delivered quickly to your home.



If you are looking for the best collection of headshop products, then look no further. 24High selects all its products with great care. We test all products independently in our headshop and only when they pass the test do we include them in our online headshop. We are working hard to become the best online headshop in Europe.

What is a Headshop?

In a headshop you buy products that help you to use drugs. However, a headshop itself does not sell psychoactive substances. Here you can buy grinders, long papers, snuff items and water pipes. You can also find these articles in the online headshops on the internet.

The Headshop in the Netherlands

There are very few real headshops in the Netherlands. There are really only headshops that also offer a range of smart shop products. In other countries in Europe there are independent headshops. Especially since there are hardly any smart shops in these countries. However, the best headshops are found in the Netherlands.

The creation of the Headshops

The first headshop was not in the Netherlands. This honor falls to America. In 1966, three headshops opened their doors in San Francisco, New York and Texas. This was the result of the rise of the Hippie culture. The first headshop was opened by Vietnam veteran Ron Thelin and was called "The Psychedelic Shop".

Buy Headshop products

You can order various products in the 24high online headshop. Where you previously had to go to a headshop store, today you can simply order your headshop products online. These are sent safely and discreetly. Nobody will know that you have ordered products at the online headshop.

At 24high we sell the following headshop products.


You can buy various grinders in our online headshop. A grinder is a crumbler to grind your smoking goods. Think of weed, hash or herbs.


Grip bags

Everyone knows them, the airtight and resealable grip bags. Ideal for storing hashish, weed or other herbs. The grip bags are of course also available in our online headshop.

Grip Bags

Party Goods

Among our party goods you will find products that you will often find at festivals. Consider whipped cream patterns and balloons. Everything to have a great festival can be found in our headshop.

Party Goods


Tobacco smoking used to be done through a pipe as standard. Today, pipes are still used to smoke tobacco, weed or herbs. They can be ordered in our online headshop in many different colors and made from various materials.


Powder Supplements

We also sell powder supplements in our head shop. Great for when you want to get more nutrients in an easy way.

Powder Supplements

Smokers accessories

As a smoker you also need supplies. For example, you need long rolling paper for turning a blow. You will find this in a large selection in our headshop. We also have a joint roller. Everything that can help you enjoy more.

Smoking accessoires


Seals, or small powder packages, are useful for storing various types of herbs. You can buy this in various colors and with various familiar images to store snuff. All of high quality so that the herbs contained in it can be well preserved.



Shishas are centuries old and yet innovations are regularly launched in the world of shishas. You will find the latest shishas in the 24high headshop.


Sniff Items

With us you can buy different sniff items in an instant. This can be a sniff tube, but also a sniff spoon. Simply choose the sniff items in our webshop and we will deliver them anonymously, safely and quickly to your home.

Sniff items

Stash boxes

If you want to store your valuables properly, choose a stash box. These do not stand out among all sorts of everyday items and therefore you can easily store your valuables. Consider, for example, the Pringles Stashcan.

Stash boxes


Do you still want to smoke or use weed but are you worried about your health? Then a vaporizer can offer a solution.



Do you want to buy a bong? Then our online headshop can offer a solution. There are many different types and sizes of bongs. This also has its influence on the prices of the bongs.

Glass bongs


A headshop cannot do without scales. That is why 24high offers a wide range of scales.


Order online at the 24High Headshop

Ordering our products is easy, fast and cheap. Our online headshop has a wide range so that you can always find what you are looking for. To prevent the postman from knowing that you have ordered products at a head shop, we will ship our products discretely. Everything to make you enjoy in a pleasant way.

Headshop for Europe

We deliver headshop products throughout Europe. Whether you are located in England, Romania or Italy, we ensure that you have your headshop products quickly at home. We do this because we want to become the best online headshop in Europe. We consider fast delivery in an anonymous manner to be of paramount importance. We are also happy to advise and assist you with questions about headshop products.