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What are magic truffles?

Curious about what magic truffles are and where they come from? Well, you've come to the right place. We are going to explain exactly what magic truffles are and where they come from. Magic truffles are not truffles at all. Magic truffles grow underground and are mycelium thickening of psilocybe mushrooms. The official name for magic truffles is sclerotia. Magic truffles are also popularly referred to as 'Philosopher's Stones'. This is because it encourages a different way of thinking, more philosophical.

Where do magic truffles come from?

Magic truffles are therefore underground. This is where the psilocybe mushrooms grow. Under the ground is a fungus, mycelium. This is a white, filthy substance. This substance ensures that the mushrooms can grow. You must see mycelium as the mushroom placenta. It nourishes the mushroom to grow and the placenta is the nourishment for a growing baby in its mother's belly.To protect the nourishment for mushroom growth, the mycelium hard. The sclerotia stores the food for times when there is not enough food available due to heat, drought or cold.

Not every mushroom suitable for magic truffles

Unfortunately, not every mushroom provides you with magic truffles. There are only a few mushrooms in the world suitable as a supplier of magic truffles. The reason for this is that they must contain the right substances to cause a trip. At least the mushrooms must contain psilocybin and psilocin. Of these, there are around 200 mushrooms in the world. But only a handful can provide magic truffles. And that naturally makes them magical. What makes magic truffles so magical is psilocybe and baeocystine / norbaeocystine. These psychoactive substances provide an expanded state of consciousness that intensifies, among other things, music and colors. This makes for the great trip that you are looking for.