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Scales - Assortment

Do you want to buy a weed scale or scale to weigh gold? Then you are in the right place in our online headshop. We have a wide range of digital scales that are very suitable for weighing weed. Buy your digital scale online in our webshop.


Meer artikelen laden

Meer artikelen laden

Weigh your weed on a weed scale

Are you proudly following the harvest of your legal number of weed plants? Then many people are also curious about the weight of their cannabis yield. That's why they like to weigh their weed on a weed scale. For this you use a digital scale because it can indicate exactly how much weed you have harvested.

Hallucinatory Herbal pathways on a herbal scale

Weighing weed on a scale is common but what about weighing hallucinatory herbs on a digital scale? This applies to all types of herbs that you want to weigh. So don't just think of weed or hashish but also other medicinal herbs or hallucinatory herbs. All this of course with the aim to weigh legal smart drugs as a user so that you do not accidentally take too many smart drugs.

Advantage of a digital scale

There are several scales available on the market. The digital scale is popular for weighing soft drugs like weed and hashish. This is because digital scales can indicate exactly what the weight is. This is very important for weed. As a buying customer of weed in a coffee shop, you may want to check if you have received the right number of grams of weed at the purchase. The same is true of course for the selling party, the coffee shop. You don't want to put too much weed in the grip pouches because that's going to cost your winnings, but you don't want to put too little into it because that's what disgruntled customers are doing. So measuring is know and you use a digital scale for that.

Why weighing weed and herbs is so important

Beyond the importance of the right weight of weed when buying, there is another reason why you want to weigh exactly how much weed or spice you have in your hands. For example, some hallucinatory herbs are very strong. This herb also wants to weigh exactly so that you don't get too much of it and therefore get a nasty experience. With a digital scale, you can even weigh accurately at 0.01 grams. But of course on higher weight numbers like 400 grams.

Pocket Scales for convenience

In Many cases, it is useful to have your scale always at hand. However, the size of the digital scale is not exactly suitable for just taking it with you in your pocket. That's why special pocket scales are also developed, also known as pocket scales, hand scales or mini scales. These offer you all the benefits of a digital scale, but also offer you the advantage of taking your scale with you in your pocket. So these small pocket scales simply take you to the coffee shop with you to weigh or what you buy is right with what is being told.

Buying a Precision scale

Buying a precision scale is actually equivalent to buying a weed scale. After all, they all have to do the same. They all have to weigh very accurately and ensure that you can weigh even behind the comma. The weight is indeed important. Therefore, choose a precision scale and now measure at 0.001 grams accurately, or 1 miligram. Precision scales are also known as laboratory scales and plateau scales.

Bench scales for more weight

You want to weigh larger weights than you choose for a bench scale. These scales are a buddy bigger than the pocket scale but not without reason. With a bench scale you can weigh a weight higher than a pocket scale. The bench scale owes this name to the fact that you prefer to leave it on the table than in your pocket on the path.

Different brands of Digital scales

There are many different brands among the scales. The most popular in our range is the On Balance scale. The On Balance are known for their quality and that for many years. The company behind the On Balance scales has existed for over 50 years and is called Marsden. In addition, we also sell frequent Tanita scales, Myco scales and My Weigh scales.

What Digital scale should you buy?

As it is with so many things in the world, there is not one digital scale that best suits everyone. Everyone has their own wishes and needs. If you want to weigh your leaves, you can choose a scale that weighs up to 0.1 grams exactly. When it comes to extracts and powders, you can better opt for digital scales weighing up to 0.01 grams. And if you'd prefer to have your scale with you, you'll choose a pocket scale.

Buy your Digital scale here

When you buy a digital scale, you're in the right place in our online headshop. We have a large assortment of digital scales so you can always find the right scale. Whether you want to buy a weed scale or buy a weighing scale to weigh gold you can order them online in our webshop. We send your scale securely packaged your way, we always do this in a discreet and fast manner. This way you have the convenience of home shopping and you still have your digital scale quickly in your home.